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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PASCO Dual Function Generator + modulation

Published on Feb 26, 2013

"Brief demo of the Pasco dual function generator + modulation generator."

"Here we have a modified vintage Pasco scientific dual function generator. This thing has tons of great features and is capable of some amazing sonic architecture.

Each oscillator has 5 waveforms with duty cycle for the pulse and ramp waves. There is also a mixer section with 2 additional inputs. The first input is an 1/8" mono input with gain. One of my favorite patches with this beast is to run audio to the 1/8" in and take the banana out and patch it to the input on Gen 1.

Most of the modulation routing is done through the 2 modulation knobs but you can also experiment with various outs patched to generator 1's input ( white banana jack next to gen 1 ) You can also feed CV to the same input or the 2 CV in's on the front panel.

*1/4" CV in for each oscillator ( 0 - 10v )
*1/4" audio out jack

**The dual function generator also comes with 2 banana cables and a 1/4" to banana jack converter so you can modulate Generator 1 with your 1/4" format gear.

**OPERATES ON 115 Volts"

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