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Friday, July 12, 2013

Circuit Bent Casio SK-1 with Data Bus Activity LEDs

Published on Jul 11, 2013 xerox-fish·48 videos

via this auction. Two additional videos below.

via the seller: "build quality

this SK-1 has been properly bent by me all the internal connections have been soldered with military precision and covered with heat shrink tubing. all the panel mount hardware has been tightened properly with locking washers and then glued in place from behind using hot glue for extra strength this unit has been built up to a standard and not down to a price. as always i have kept the speaker on this unit, used high quality switches and not messy patch bays and kept as many controls on the top of the unit as possible.

listing info
i will send a labeled image to show what all the switches and knobs do.
the unit will be sent in a strong box well packed with lots of bubble wrap.
PayPal or cash on collection preferred
any questions please message me

27 switches
5 for stutter and time glitches and then when the group switch is flicked glitch root selection
1 for group selection
13 for general glitches
1 that holds sounds and loops them
1 for general distortion
1 for pitch knob bypass and turns the pitch knob into LFO amount
1 pitch LFO on off
3 for disabling the individual sounds in chord mode ie bass, drums, melody
1 battery saver / hard reset switch (saves just 2mA)

3 knobs
1 for stutter and glitch adjustments or when group B is selected glitch sweep
1 for pitch adjustments or pitch LFO depth
1 for pitch LFO speed
12 LED's

1 blue for the glitch sweep knob this can do everything from indicate the position of the knob to flash randomly
1 blue to display LFO speed and intensity
10 red that indicate activity on the ROM data bus they flash and fade some times sequentially some times randomly depending on what the unit is doing
1 1/4 output jack that disables the internal speaker when connected
replaced corroded battery terminals
replaced power jack
the silver dots indicate switches that mess with the sampling input stage so sampling with these switches on will create interesting effects
personal niggles

if i had been a bit more careful installing switches a few small scratches could have been prevented
the hard reset switch is on the back i find this a little annoying but it was unavoidable due to the extreme lack of space.
the sound

the sound of this unit is the best i have ever heard it can create rich and long soundscapes with strange ambient background tones that sound something like the engine room of an alien spacecraft. the sample mangaling is Lo-fi and very meaty the glitch time is very adjustable and interesting alterations are created that can easily be re sampled for use in a DAW. the chord mode can sound very cool and glitch even creating some strange deep sub bass sounds the part solo switches are fun to play with as well."

CASIO SK-1 sample glitching demo for ebay.

Published on Jul 12, 2013

CASIO SK-1 chord mode glitching and sound soloing demo for ebay.

Published on Jul 12, 2013

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