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Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Behringer Synth Rumors

The image to the left is Uli Behringer's first synthesizer, the UB-1, previously posted here and here.

It looks like the new Behringer synth rumors are back, and this time it appears it could actually happen.

The following is from a German interview with Uli Behringer on (translation from sonicstate).

"Several interesting facts came out:

1. Behringer have been working on reproducing a number of classic analog circuits

Uli- We have not been idle in recent years and have invested a lot of time in the analysis legendary synthesizers from Roland, Korg, Moog, Sequential Circuits, ARP and PPG etc.The Curtis and SSM then used semiconductors are today virtually no longer available and we have therefore used a lot of time, to replicate these with modern and high quality VCA and OTAs. And now us is that finally succeeded. These circuits will now form the basis for our synthesizer.

2. It's a polysynth

My personal passion is to bring the original and analog synthesizer back to life, but to provide them with modern digital control. To anticipate, we will also focus on first polyphonic sound generation, as the market requires this.
Our goal is, as usual, to reward customers with extremely good quality and very good prices for your loyalty to our company. I am of the clear opinion that today's analog synthesizers are simply too expensive and that we are trying to change.

3. It's going to be developed in the UK

For a project of this magnitude, we are integrating our best developers. We will make it in England, in Manchester, directly at MIDAS. A member of the team John Price is the among the best analog designers in the world and can have over 40 years experience.

4. Okay, awesome - when can we buy it?

Uli goes on to say that this is a pretty massive project and as such will not be rushed,
Even though we are all now very euphoric, I would like to slow down expectations a bit and ask all readers to be patient. We have spent quite some time in the research and development of semiconductors, will take at least another year until we have completed the first prototype, we are operating basic research and also invite well-known scientists and musicians to collaborate on this project , We also do not plan A synthesizer, but gradually a whole family of different types."

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