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Friday, March 27, 2015

Vintage Doepfer VMS - Voice Modular System for Auction

via eBay Germany

Note this would be the third Doepfer product according to the timeline here. It is from 1982 and it predates the Sound Sampler recently posted here by two years.

Another one spotted by Florian Anwander who had the following to say:

"This is an auction on ebay Germany. The VMS - Voice Modular System' was a Curtis based synth, that provided
* a voice card with two VCOs, VCF, VCA, and two ADSR,
* an addon card with two LFOs and Noise for each card, and may be some other functions
* an interface card to controll the synths parameters from a C64
* a 32 x S&H card, where the voltages from the interface where distributed to the voices.
* a memory card, where presets could be stored
One system could consist of 8 Voices.

In this auction also a Sound Sampler Card,a MIDI-CV-interface, and a card for a polyphonic CV/Gate-Keyboard is included.

Unfortunately the auction the seller does not ship to other countries than germany.

Original text of the auction in Googlish:
'Mid-80s, I have several times different special assemblies by Dipl. Phys. Dieter Doepfer purchased to build me a synthesizer module system. I once 1,032.50 DM for all these parts paid (the old invoices I send with). From the construction project unfortunately did not work out. The various boards, partially equipped with plenty Curtis CEM ICs and other were not built by me, the boards were therefore not connected to power supply voltages. While these are all modules of the early Doepfer devices series, but it would be a shame to dispose of these boards as hazardous waste. Even if only the Curtis ICs into account, then this package is still some value is, therefore, the starting price of the auction of EUR 150, -. Because I can not verify the circuit boards and assemblies, sell everything as defective goods. I'm still on the assumption that the ICs work.

There are the following modules with the corresponding assembled boards:

1 Voice Card
1 expansion card
1 analog output interface based card
2 analog output interface 32 channel S & H Cards
1 analog memory bank
1 half-Europe microcomputer board
1 analog memory bank backplane

The matching of the modules front panels, potentiometers, switches and jacks are not there. A few existing external components (front panels, mounting, etc. s. Photos) I deliver to.

At Curtis CEM ICs are installed on Voice Card and expansion card into the following number:
2x CEM 3340 VCO
1x CEM 3320 VCF
4x CEM 3330 Dual VCA
2x CEM 3360 Dual VCA
2x CEM 3310 ADSR

Full-linked blueprints for different modules with copies of the original CEM IC documentation (in English) are for the following modules in the Appendix:

Analog output interface (ASB)
Analog memory bank
Midi-CV interface (v. Peter Fischer)
Polyphonic computer keyboard (v. Peter Fischer)
Sound sampling unit (natural sound memory (SSE)

Furthermore, the scope of the auction include several brochures and price lists from Doepfer from 1983-84 and 1984-85, as well as a multi-page copy of a Elrad article about Curtis CEM CEM ICs and documentaries about other ICs.

This offer is valid only within Germany. This offer is valid for Germany only - no shipping to other countries.'"

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