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Saturday, August 08, 2015

ALM Dinky's Taiko - cyrusrex

ALM Dinky's Taiko - cyrusrex from Muff Wiggler on Vimeo.

Follow-up to cyrusrex / LS019

"Patch by cyrusrex of MW Store.

Recording Using only the Dinky's Taiko as a Main Source.
Clock from 4MS QCD to RCD.
Channel 1 of QCD is sent to RCD and is being modulated by Pressure Points thru a SISM, It Is also triggering Dinky.
Channel 2 of QCD is routed to Xaoc Moskwa Sequencer 1, which is modulating Pressure Points Play Direction and Run/Stop.
RCD div2 is headed to Moskwa 2 Sequencer, which is modulating ErbeVerb Mix Amount (via SISM fine tuning). It is also going into a OptoMix to gate the modulation to only occur at certain times which is modulating Dinky's End Freq Control and Noise Control Input.
Channel 3 of QCD is controlling tempo of the FX Modules used. ErbeVerb and Echophone.
Channel 4 of QCD is controlling Brain's Tempo.
Multiple Pressure Points and Analog Memory Channels are Controlling Dinky's Wave, OSC Release, Noise Release, Spectrum, Mix. This is the root of the patch as it gives the variation to the drum sounds.

Dinky's output heads to a Malekko Mult, then gets split to the main routes:
Copy 1 goes Direct Out
Copy 2 goes to The Echophone, then to a MMG. MMG filter is modulated by Pressure Points and a 4MS QPLFO. Echophone's Mix, and Feedback Control modulated by Pressure Points.
Copy 3 goes to ErbeVerb which is having its Decay Control and Mix modulated by Pressure Points.
Copy 4 is from another of ErbeVerbs's outputs through BL Mr Blue's Wave-folder section then to a WMD Compressor. Compressor Side-chain is being used with the Original Dinky Sound. This gives some distorted Sounds which further get processed an Eventide Space ten cwejman compressor, then into a Macbeth BackEnd Filter which has its cut-off being swept by a Cwejman Envelope triggered by Moskwa 1's Gate Output in random mode."

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