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Thursday, September 10, 2015

X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - Casio PT-87

Published on Aug 31, 2015 manufacturedZ3R0 .

X1L3 - circuit bent casio PT-82 and yamaha DD-7 doing NIN
X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - casio PT-87 - corrupted percussion
X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - casio PT-87 - drone distortion
X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - casio PT-87 - drone, power electronics & HNW

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"Modifications, circuit bends and embedded circuitry:

Analogue resonant filter with high pass and low pass bands
Gain, resonance, low pass/high pass toggle and cutoff
A nice warm filter based on the synthacon.
Lot's of resonance and a unique character of it's own.

Digital 'death industrial' delay
Rate, noise, feedback, off/on toggle
This delay variant is based on the formula applied and the output of circuit bent delay pedals which have been sold in the past.
A versatile and if desired aggressive set up that can drift between ambience, echo and all out harsh noise wall and power electronics.

PSU - DC hum suppression circuitry
A regulated psu is now built into the machine.
This gives a stable and quiet power supply to both the keyboard and additional circuitry as well as
providing a quiet output and excellent noise floor.
Input voltage has been converted to 12V tip positive.

Control voltage input to filter cutoff
3.5mm socket. Allows you to hook the casio up to your cv enabled equipment to modulate the filter.
An example of this is shown in the first demo video.
The cv modulation is provided by a sequential circuits pro1 which is driven by one of my modified midi retrofitted DD7 drum machines.

Drone dostortion, drum boost and lofi keys raw bends
Three of four selected raw bends.
Drone distortion is a variable mod that acts as both a drone oscillator and a means to distort and shame both the keyboard and
percussive sounds of the pt-87.
Lofi keys knocks the edge off of the key sounds and brings them down to the preset percussion level, if you wish to record
phrases using both aspects. It stops the keyboards sounds which are inherently louder than the percussion from over powering the percussion,
Drum boost over drives the drum channel and turns the quaint casiotone percussive elements into much heavier
analogue drum and percussion sounds which work well with the added resonant filtering.

Master pitch control
The final raw circuit bend,
Gives a large global pitch range - demonstrated in the demo videos

Cnc machined aluminium panel work with black anodize and engraving

A compact keyboard giving access to a huge range of conventional synthesizer sounds through to harsh noise wall and power electronics.

The PT-87 is a mid sized 80's casio keyboard which bares a lot of resembelance to the classic VL tone.
The drum sounds and key tones can be shaped into squelchy analogue percussion and deep analogue wave forms which
take on the sound of vintage synths of the same era as they're passed through the resonant filter.
The effects chain opens up a glitch element which would otherwise be unavailable on the PT range of keyboards and
gives access to abstracts progression, data crash glitching, harsh noise wall and power electronics."

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