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Saturday, October 03, 2015

X1L3 - circuit bent - synth mod - yamaha DD-7 drum machine with midi

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video here and here.

"The big sister of the yamaha DD-6 with a more varied and larger sound set.
Lots of good percussive sounds and a variation of synth and voice samples.
It's also one of the finest in the DD range for glitch generation and ease of
which the glitching can be shaped and moulded into unique fx, incidentals and noise.

Modifications and embedded circuitry:

Analogue resonant filter with high pass and low pass bands
Gain, resonance, low pass/high pass toggle and cutoff
A nice warm filter based on the synthacon.
Lot's of resonance and a unique character of it's own.
Violent, squelchy and crunchy when overdriven in this machine.

Digital 'death industrial' delay
Rate, noise, feedback, off/on toggle
This delay variant is based on the formula applied and the output of circuit bent delay pedals which have been sold in the past.
A versatile and if desired aggressive set up that can drift between ambience, echo and all out harsh noise wall and power electronics.

Analogue distortion
Dual mode distortion with diode clipping, filter and gain.

PSU - DC hum suppression circuitry
A regulated psu is now built into the machine.
This gives a stable and quiet power supply to both the drum machine and additional circuitry as well as
providing a quiet output and excellent noise floor.
Input voltage is +12V tip positive running 2 amps.
Please be aware of the amp rating of your adapter. It MUST run 2 amps or above.
Suitable adapters are available at low cost on ebay.
if Shipped within the UK i'll include a suitable adapter.

Midi retrofit & Gate output
The drum machine now has midi capability by means of an embedded microcontroller.
The four drum channels can be triggered via a sequencer or daw.
Trigger notes are: C3, C#3, D3, D#3 and F3 for the gate output.

Midi is set to CH16 but if you'd prefer a different channel for convenience i can flash the firmware before shipping for you
and assign it to what ever channel is best for you.
The gate outputs at +5v and can be used to trigger other devices such as adsr's and also drive eurorack sequencers.
One of the videos below demonstrates the gate output driving a sequential circuits pro one sequencer.
The gate isn't locked to a time signature so if driving a sequencer you can advance it however you want.

Master pitch control
Gives a large global pitch range - demonstrated in the demo videos
The pitch has a high and low setting and a coarse and fine control.
The fine control gives you conventional pitching of the drums, the coarse will take them down to vicious noise, droning and glitching.
The drum machine now serves not only as a percussive instrument but a generator of abstract sounds and textures.

4x4 glitch matrix
The glitch matrix disrupts the percussive sounds and warps them into various forms of data crash and glitch.
A very interesting modification on it's own. It takes on a whole new level when the fx chain is applied.

Cnc machined aluminium panel work with blue anodize and engraved text and graphics

The DD range of drum machines are some of the best for glitched circuit bent sounds. They achieve a bizzare edge
without becoming too unruly and hard to control. With midi now added you can create nicely spaced patterns which accomodate the glitch matrix and fx chain nicely. It's no longer restricted to it's preset patterns. The pads can still be used with drum sticks and the preset patterns are still intact. It will still run as intended if you choose to use it this way."

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