MATRIXSYNTH: Numerology v 4.1 Now Available with a 2015 Holiday Sale

Monday, December 14, 2015

Numerology v 4.1 Now Available with a 2015 Holiday Sale

Quite possibly the most powerful software modular step sequencer to date, Numerology has been updated to v 4.1, and is currently on sale through December 31. Full details follow.

"ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico-- December 15, 2015.

Five12 updates Numerology to version 4.1, announces holiday sale and updated foreign currency pricing.

Numerology 4.1 adds a MIDI file import, support for the Novation Launchpad MkII and Launchpad Pro, some critical fixes for OS X El Capitan compatibility, and many other fixes and updates.

Through December 31 2015, Numerology Pro is on sale for $169 US (regularly $199) and Numerology SE is $109 (regularly $129). All upgrade options are on sale as well, with discounts ranging from 15% to 25% off. Specific details for all upgrades are listed on the Five12 store page.

In addition to the holiday sale, customers in Europe, U.K., Canada and Australia can now purchase Numerology (and upgrades) in their native currencies. Sale prices are as follows:

Numerology 4 Pro: €139.00 EUR, £98.00 GBP, $179.00 CAD, $189.00 AUD
Numerology 4 SE: €89.00 EUR, £64.00 GBP, $119.00 CAD, $124.00 AUD

Starting January 1, 2016, and at least through the end of 2016, prices will be held at:

Numerology 4 Pro: €159.00 EUR, £114.00 GBP, $209.00 CAD, $229.00 AUD
Numerology 4 SE: €104.00 EUR, £74.00 GBP, $139.00 CAD, $149.00 AUD

New Features :

- MIDI Import: You can now drag-and-drop MIDI files into the MonoNote, PolyNote and DrumSeq modules. Each MIDI file will be imported as appropriate for each sequencer's capabilities.

- The Novation Launchpad MkII and Launchpad Pro are now supported.


- The DrumSeq module has two new Evolve operations: "Change Velocity Some For All Tracks", and "Change Velocity A Bit For All Tracks".

- There are now 4 output ports for MIDI Sync in Numerology 4 Pro.

- Keyboard : the 'poly' setting is now on by default.

There are several updates to Numerology's Grid Controller Mapping, which covers the Ableton Push and all Launchpad variants:

- On the Presets (a.k.a. Session) page, you can now toggle "exit loop" for a Stack's Playlist by holding down the Session button and pressing any key in the column for that stack.

- On the SeqCtl page, for all sequencers, the button on row 4 (from top) and column 5 (from left) will trigger 'double seq'

- The 'Alternate Edit' mode for the DrumSeq module, velocity edit, now supports up to 16 tracks. Use the 'Range' buttons to pick tracks 1-8 or 9-16.

- DrumSeq: Updated colors for muting on the SeqCtl Page: Green Low for active, Yellow for playing, Red for muted.

- DrumSeq: The SeqCtl page now supports mutes for all 16 drum tracks.

Summary of Fixes:

- Fixed several GUI issues related to El Capitan.
- N4 VST: Fixed a crash with Cubase 8 and OSX 10.9, "objective-c swizzling".
- NI Maschine : Fixed a crash that could happen when running the Numerology AU.
- ReWire : Fixed an issue with the 32-bit ReWire driver.
- OS X 10.9 later : Tweaked settings to avoid 'app nap' issues when running in background.
- AU MIDI FX : Fixed a crash when turning on 'preset auto assign'

- MOTU MachFive : Fixed an AU Hosting issue that could cause a crash.
- N4 App & ReWire : No AU reset on transport stop -- means better revert/delay tails.
- Audio I/O Menus : Fixed an issue with duplicated Inputs & Outputs.

- Push : MIDI From the Pedal inputs is now passed through with the Keyboard module.
- Push : Fixed a crash that could happen when switching modes.
- Push : Fixed some drawing issues in 'Rack Nav' mode with N4 plugins
- Push : Presets, Volume & Pan modes now poperly supported with N4 plugins.

- Project files: Last stack selected, browser/preset tab position and stack scroll positions now remembered.

- Browser : Audio File Preview : shortened attack on sample playback.

- Stack Presets : Fixed a bug where program changes via MIDI were not working in some cases.

- All sequencer modules : Fixed an issue that could cause errors with HardSync
- MonoNote : fixed a subtle timing issue relative to other sequencers.

- N4 AU : Fixed a problem processing CC messages whereby the internal MIDI Event buffer would "run dry".

- SampleKit : Fixed a routing bug when adding FX after the SampleKit in a stack.
- SampleKit : Fixed an issue (null Preset) that could cause a crash when loading a project.
- SampleKit : Fixed an oddball playback glitch (TapNode, rev. playback)
- SampleKit : Fixed a playback rate issue.
- SampleKit : Fixed a problem when using RTA w/ the SampleKit.
- SampleKit : fixed a crash on 'copy params to all presets'

- LFO & ModSeq Param Mod : Fixed a problem w/ min/max value setting as the target param is changed.

- FaderBox : Fixed an issue with MIDI Learn on Quantized faders.
- FaderBox : Fixed an issue with MIDI CC reflection on faders with custom ranges.
- FaderBox : Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using 'extreme' values.

- CV Delay : Fixed an issue with 'millisecond' delays.

- ParamMod on Seq Direction (via 'Add Modulation'), fixed a value-scaling issue.

- Audio/MIDI Rec : Fixed a bug when calculating the 'take number' for a recorded clip.
- Audio/MIDI Rec : Tweaked the name of recorded files to make the take number easier to find.
- Audio/MIDI Rec : Tweaked the tooltips to make setup easier.

- FaderBox : Fixed a crash related to chaining the 'minValue' for a Fader.
- FaderBox : Fixed a user-interaction bug when using custom value ranges.

- CC Gen : Fixed an issue with 'minimum values' for CCs.
- NRPN Gen : Fixed a bug when scaling NRPN output values with small maximum values.
- OSC In : Fixed an issue w/ CV output from this module with certain OSC arg combinations.

Numerology is a music sequencing and audio plugin environment which uses an innovative approach to electronic music composition based on modular step sequencing. Numerology comes in two flavors: a Standard Edition for anyone that wants an economical step sequencing addition to their studio, and a Pro version with advanced features for users looking to make Numerology a cornerstone of their compositional workflow. For more details, demo downloads and videos, visit

Numerology 4 requires an Apple Macintosh computer with an Intel CPU running Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or later, 4GB RAM, and a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better. The Numerology 4 AU MIDI Effect requires LogicX and Mac OS 10.9 or later."

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