MATRIXSYNTH: Endangered Audio Research AD4096 + Funkbox TR-808 Drum Machine

Friday, January 29, 2016

Endangered Audio Research AD4096 + Funkbox TR-808 Drum Machine

Published on Jan 29, 2016 Bimini Road

Follow-up to Endangered Audio Research AD4096 + Funk Box TR77 Drum Machine

"This is a demo of the now legendary, long-out-of-circulation Endangered Audio Research AD4096 Analog Delay, with the Funk Box TR-808 running through it. Very few videos show what the AD4096's Infinity Mode is useful for, which is crazy to me, because I feel like that's the best, most unique part of this pedal. Infinity Mode can be tuned to creep on the edge of self-oscillation in a really organic way. New signal pushes old signal out - and in that way it's almost like a looper, or even a tape bleed emulator.

Although a guitar pedal, mixing artists contact us all the time to tell us how they use the AD4096 on drum busses - especially for dub music! I think the AD4096 is killer on drums. You can get a really loose spring-reverb-like tone from short delays.

The Momentary Expand switch shorts the Depth pot and sends it into self-oscillation - the faster the clock speed (the Time knob turned to the right - "backwards" of how most pedals work), the faster it will run wildly into speaker-blasting range. However, with Infinity Mode engaged, you don't get the ever-louder-and-louder signal - it's "limited" because the new incoming signal pushes out the old. Also, if the Depth is turned all the way down, it becomes a momentary off switch.

The Delay line is a more traditional dark, fat analog delay sound, whereas the Echo line has a elevated, rarefied glittery tone. It's almost like an LPF and an HPF line. It also arrives just barely later than the Delay line. It overdrives beautifully, and thanks to its FET transistors, it has an almost tube-like breakup. The combination of these characteristics, along with the totally unique Infinity Mode, makes this the most tonally flexible and musically useful analog delay pedal ever made.

We get almost daily emails about these pedals at Endangered Audio Research. This unit is going to be donated to Oberlin College's TIMARA program when I'm done making demo videos for it, so don't bother trying to buy it from me. We are going to add more delay time with an aftermarket mod that will be available to the public, but first, I'm making a bunch of videos with different sound sources to show what the original sounds like.

EAR is also making a new, updated version of this later this year with expanded functionality, but gotta love the original unit - named one of the best 30 guitar effects in the world by Premier Guitar Magazine.

I don't deal in unprocessed, "clean" demos, because I don't believe it shows you more about the effect you're using. Nothing exists in a vacuum, especially music.

Signal Chain:
iPad - AD4096 - Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo - Neve 1073 Unison Preamp - Studer A800 - Ampex ATR-102 - A.O.M. Invisible Limiter

Contact me at to reserve a new version of the AD4096, or to inquire about the aftermarket added delay time modification.

Here's a link to Funk Box - a total must-have iOS drum machine. It's a fully featured drum machine with a bunch of different sounds from all sorts of classic analog and digital drum machines. It's only $5, and you are fooling yourself if you think the "real thing" sounds better."

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