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Friday, March 11, 2016

Braids - first hands on + Warp & OP-1 & Clouds

Published on Mar 11, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"You can always see how user friendly it is a gear from the firt test you made. Braids - I saw a few top quality demos (DivKid) that made me buy it (friends says I'm a MI fanboy - very possible!) - but how does it sounds in reality beats any demo. In this video I just passed through almost all waveforms (video is ending at Noise - my camera stopped so I had to cut the audio) and added Warps as the 2nd sequenced oscillator and OP-1 kick for more flavour. Clouds comes with the reverb. Beatstep Pro is sequencing also Braids and Warps. I'll be back next days with a better camera angle and a more elaborate integration, of my dearest Braids, in my Eurorack. Ripples is in action too and A-148 S&H + A-118 Noise -Random Control, brings flowers to the mix!

PS: please try to ignore the glitches from beginning, it's such a mess these days with my cables..."


Braids - Ripples - Clouds

Published on Mar 13, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"This is a continuation of the "Braids - first hands on" video. A better video angle, I also changed the position of the Beatstep Pro and it seems that the power source of the Eurorack is influencing it, making BSP unstable. Only one thing, I saw too late that I should cut a little bit the IN GAIN of Clouds - sorry for the "red" level on it.
My opinion on Braids: even it is digital and I heard so many opinions like "I'm out of here when I see digital modules in a modular synth", well, they're wrong. It is important what you do with a sound source, how you use it in your music, not what is it. Oliver of Mutable Instruments it's a pure genius. And I'm not the only one who say it. All his modules are great, no matter are analog or digital.
Braids it's amazing. Exactly what just I need it for my Berlin School sequences or for drones. Or for leads! Or monotimbral pads! Here it for yourself. Braids it's the star here, but you cannot exclude Ripples and Clouds.

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