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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Music Theory For Bedroom Producers, Parts I & II - NEW Free Course on Soundfly

This one in via Soundfly, a supporting member of MATRIXSYNTH!:

"We made this course because we think that how theory is currently taught is dry, academic, and difficult to apply to the way producers are making tracks in the year 2016. Yet the same rules apply, and can be used in electronic music to create fantastic new possibilities!"

It's a two part course available online:

Theory For Bedroom Producers I : The Black Keys
Exploring the Pentatonic Scale's impact on electronic music and production.

Theory for Bedroom Producers II : The White Keys
Exploring Mixolydian, Lydian and Major Scale grooves for applications in MIDI and beyond!


"This course series was developed in partnership with New York University's Music Experience Design Lab (MusEDLab). It incorporates years of user research about what makes learning engaging and effective. One key innovation is a new in-browser tool called the aQWERTYon that turns an ordinary computer keyboard into an intuitive musical instrument, enabling students to play examples for themselves right in the course tab. The course is taught primarily by Ethan Hein, research fellow at the MusEDLab and adjunct professor at New York University, and created in collaboration with online music school Soundfly.

These resources are accessible to anyone curious about how music works, but we've targeted them specifically to producers of electronic music. We present examples in the MIDI piano roll familiar to users of Ableton Live or Logic, so no music reading is required. We also offer downloadable MIDI files that can be used in those programs, or any other digital audio workstation. Users go at their own pace, watching videos, taking on activities, playing with the MusEDLab's online keyboard, and learning whenever they want. Students can also share their work using the hashtag #theoryforproducers."

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