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Published on Jun 9, 2016 Barry Neilsen


1. Leftie
"Very slow and a bit old-school.

Two patches running in a performance, both using the 002's Animator, which is a kind of parameter sequencer which runs individually for each voice. On both patches here it's controlling individual oscillator levels, plus LFO rates and amounts.

The thing down by my left hand is a Launch Control and I'm using the pads to trigger the second patch, which is making all the old-school noise and modulated sine wave sounds.

Download the audio for this, here:"

2. Antithesis
"Looping sequences in the 002, all different lengths so they phase with each other. Two short (high, sustained sound); one medium (bass) and one very long (discordant brassy strings) where I mess with the loop length. My left hand is working the nanoKontrol mapped to filter and volume on the 002 parts. Percussion and FX from MachineDrum, LXP-15 and VoiceWorks."

3. Rosebud
"This is an oldie for me. I came up with these ideas back in the mid eighties, but I just wanted to get them back in my head ... well, they've never really left my head but it's a long time since my hands played them (and doesn't it show).

All sounds from my Modal 002; reverb and delay are an LXP 15II; and sequencing is from Genome on iPad hooked up to an iConnectMidi4+. (Glad my iPad 2 is still good for something.)"

4. 002 Jam, May 2016
"I've had my 002 nearly three years now. It still feels very fresh :)

For those who know don't this synth, this is an eight-part multi-timbral performance. (The synth is twelve voice and can be twelve-part multi-timbral.) Six of the parts are running their own sequences, which are up to 32 steps of up to one whole-note length. The two remaining parts are mapped across the keyboard. I'm using the Nano-Kontrol faders to control part level, and the rotary knobs controls filter cut-off on each part.

Delay and reverb are from my trusty old LXP-15II."

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