MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Jam 54 "Ditto That"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Modular Jam 54 "Ditto That"

Published on Jun 14, 2016 ngarjuna

"Drums in Sector (iOS): I tossed 4 reps of the drum loop (Jamstix-AD) into Sector and then setup a probabilistic grid with a fairly straight version of the loop on the bottom of the circle and various effects and glitches on the top of the circle. The grid lines determine whether the pattern will step to the next sector (clockwise starting from 3:00) or jump to one of its possible variant sectors on the top.

Acid Voices
Sequencer 1 driving Rubicon sigmoid
Into the VCF 303 enveloped by itself and modulated by PEG (both channels combined in Maths)
Into uVCA enveloped by VCF 303 (Gate and Accent)
Distortion from module (VCF 303), Angel Lofte Source Plus (tubes) with Klanghelm SDDR (fuzz), and guitar amp

FM Off Lead Voice
Rene driving the STO
STO dynamically LIN FM'd (via Optomix and Maths plus Wogglebug STEPPED OUT) via its own SUB
STO Vari SHAPE modulated by a ramp LFO from Sequencer 1
Into Optomix enveloped by Maths (FALL modulated by another ramp LFO from Sequencer 1) and damp modulated by Rene
Delay in DubStation

SMR Voice
Sequencer 1 giving off gates from: Gate, Accent, CV1, CV2, CV3 and Clock into the SMR CV ins for each channel
Custom scale (basically pent minor)
PEG (slower channel) rotating the scale in time

Robot Sex Voice
Sequencer 1 driving Sputnik 2 and Rubicon
Sputnik 2 FM'ing the Rubicon (dynamic via Maths ch4 being Fall modulated by Sequencer 1)
Maths ch1 (very slowly) cycling CV into the extra exponential input (with attenuverter part way up into positive)
Rubicon triangle out into the Timbre modulated by Sequencer 1

FM Hash Percussion Voices
Rene driving Sputniks and STO
258 FM'ing itself from SUB (dynamically via double PEG [OR] and Optomix or uVCA)
In one patch it's SQUARE from the Waveshape out (modulated by SMOOTH CV OUT from Wogglebug)
in the others it's SINE out into Timbre modulated by PEG envelope(s)
Into the Optomix where it either drones (damp modulated by Rene) or gets enveloped by Maths"

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