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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Behringer DeepMind12 Desktop Synth Mockups

This spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"I like to present you with some of our desktop/rack-mount designs for the DeepMind12 our designers we have come up with. The unit is designed to accommodate for desktop and rack-mount usage.

Just to be clear, we have not yet decided to progress with this design and hence your opinion is important to us.

Thanks for your feedback.



  1. If you do not have audio input you will be left behind. Every synth now days had audio in.

  2. Except the Nord Lead 4, The Sequential Prophet 6, the OB-6 and a host of others. But yeah.. don't be left out.

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  4. I like this design and prefer it over the keyboard version. Everything seems to be in the right place and proximity to each other. However, I'd prefer to see a swap of VCA and HPF. Anyway... I am already checking the best place for it in my studio. Thumbs up!

  5. Just LOve it! expresive, practical, looking good

  6. I would love to see more desktop units, I'm in no need for more than 1 set of 88 keys. I own a bunch of synths nearly 20, 10 of them with keys... too much keys... I'm more of a sequencing guy an love to have some space savings

  7. Looks great and interested it more than kb version. Agree with Peter: swap the place of VCA and HPF if possible.

    Really great to see somebody is listening buyers and doing also rack-synths. (E.g Sequential made only desktop models).

  8. audio input please, looks great!

  9. considering how they repacked the x32 in multiple incarnations, we can also dream of a PRO VERSION:
    - audio input (better two for stereo or split.., best one per voice)
    - some cv inputs/outputs
    - two more sets of sliders for the adsr (3 total)
    - some knobs to operate directly on the variable log/lin function of the adsr
    - some dedicated knobs for the effects
    - 3d interactive hologram instead of crappy screen
    - laser guns, time machine etc...

  10. I'm not a great fan of a great synth with fan.

  11. It would be great to see the synth in 3U/4U rack form factor, but cooling fans and fan-noise is bad...

  12. Re-design the case so fans are not needed, add CV i/o and YES PLEASE! The LAST thing I need is more keys!!!

  13. Great idea!
    Desktop version will be greatly preferred over a keyboard, for obvious reasons.
    But please place the HPF before the VCF, as on the Juno 6*. And lose the fan please.

  14. I'll get a rack if made available. I already have enough keys :)



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