MATRIXSYNTH: 50 Minutes Live Rephazer Jam/Set (Elektron Octatrack & Analog Four)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

50 Minutes Live Rephazer Jam/Set (Elektron Octatrack & Analog Four)

Published on Aug 31, 2016 Rephazer

"The set starts with some minimal melodic dream house stuff, goes into more abstract techno and finally into some trance..It consists of previous made/posted Rephazer tracks in a (4 on the floor) context which I hope you'll enjoy. I had a lot of fun making and recording this, but since I recorded this in one go so some mistakes are to be expected (as usual) also the audio/video quality is probably not the best that I've posted, but I had to make some concessions with a long set like this.


1. Dreams (00:03)
2. B-Side (05:18)
3. Looking Forward (09:55)
4. Minimal Movement (14:01)
5. Battle For Harmony (19:16)
6. The Sky Was Pink - Nathan Fake Cover (23:46)
7. The Chase (28:24)
8. Crazy Dutch Bastard - Co written by Jas van Houten (32:23)
9. Short Circuit (37:08)
10. Heart & Soul (42:08)
11. Life Goes On (47:08)

Some technical details for the ones interested..


Track 1 = Bassdrum
Track 2 = Top Beats and Percussion
Track 3 = Melody
Track 4 = Bassline (Additional)
Track 5 = Melody 2 (Additional)
Track 6 = Atmospheric/FX
Track 7 = Master Recorder for transitions
Track 8 = Master Track

Using 6 scenes for breaks/drops/filters and 2 scenes for transitioning between songs.

Track 7 is constantly recording the main output into the recording buffer of the Octatrack using the Quick Record Function...Sort of Tarekith Transition Trick so thanks to him for the idea! (Check his YT)

Analog Four:

Audio goes into the Octatrack and is Directly send/monitored to the Master Track 8.

Track 1: Hihats and Electronic Percussion
Track 2: Atmospheric Pads 1
Track 3: Atmospheric Pads 2
Track 4: Main Bassline

Also thanks to the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Mode Machines vPed for being good 'sample food' for the Octatrack ;)"

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