MATRIXSYNTH: Buchla 208 Music Easel & Serge TKB Sequencer Clones

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Buchla 208 Music Easel & Serge TKB Sequencer Clones

via this auction

"Buchla Music Easel clone by RomanF and Serge TKB clone by TheHumanComparator, built with 100% period accurate new old stock components.

The Easel is a 1:1 accurate clone of the original early 70s Buchla 208 built on 13 pcbs with gold plated NOS ua726s, vactrols, Sprague caps, etc. - this is NOT the modern surface mount imitation easel built by BEMI. This is the closest to an original Easel you can get without spending $40,000 (if you can find one).

The Serge TKB clone is also built from 1:1 accurate clone of original pcb with NOS MM74C15, Davies knobs and precision resistors and potentiometers.

The TKB can be clocked by the 208 "pulser" (LFO) and in turn the CV outs of the TKB can control the 208 pitch, LPG etc. This is an excellent small system as you can use two of the rows of the sequencer to control FM and pitch and still have two more rows of sequencing for Low Pass Gate etc. The TKB is also an excellent performance interface with touch keyboard.

The pair are built into two 4U 19" rack boats. Please note, the picture showing the rear is to illustrate the construction quality, the panels are mounted inside aluminum rack mount boats. The power supply for the 208 is mounted in the boat with the TKB, so each have their own beefy PowerOne supply at calibrated voltages."

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