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Published on Aug 27, 2016 Bandsong Cover-ything

"Fully functioning. Phone mic doesn't capture the swirly chorus gorgeousness of this board."

Joy Division Closer poster in the background.

via this auction

"It is with a heavy heart that I must bid farewell to my beloved Hohner String Melody II (sometimes also branded Logan, exact same synth). I used to have one of the famed Arp Solina String Ensembles stacked on top but decided I could only justify keeping one...and the Hohner won out!!! To me, it sounded so much deeper and the chorus more swirly!

As you can see it is in great cosmetic condition for it's age (late 70s). One of the coloured slider knob 'caps' has come off. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the case lid and the handle is missing also. The metal plate that surrounds the sliders was loose and a bit battered when I got it so I straightened it out and have stuck in place. But, overall, very, very good.

Functionally, it is just as it should be. All the keys sound and all the sounds and functions work. There is a slight crackle on the 'Bass' slider but nothing that a quick squirt of contact cleaner wouldn't sort out. I opened it up to check inside (hence why you can see the screws of the case sticking up in the photos) and everything looks good and clean, no leaking components etc. There is a slight bit of underlying noise but only at high volumes - this indicates that it could eventually do with a re-cap (show me a 70s synth in all-original condition that doesn't need one and I'll show you that you're holding nothing, ha ha) altho it's perfectly usuable as is - or a cheap noise gate could be used for a easier fix. But, as I say, it really is very quiet and I only mention it in the pursuit of full disclosure.

So, how does it sound? Well, I LOVE it! Really thick, chorus-y, analogue loveliness. Just an hour ago I recorded video on YouTube to both show that it is fully functioning and to give you an idea of the different sounds..."

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