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Monday, August 29, 2016

Modular Gameboy Triple Arduinoboy

Published on Jul 10, 2016

Note there are two videos in this set:
Modular Gameboy triple Arduinoboy
ARDUINOBOY triple gameboy modular synth

Some of you might remember the first iteration of the Triple Gameboy Arduino posted in 2011 here.

Details from the first video above:

heres some holy chill music from some LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER DIY synth.

Is something i initally made 3 years ago as a stand alone module to match some other gameboy powered modular machines i built, but it got taken apart i found it in the shed a couple of weeks ago and it was rusted and mouldy, so i took the idea and made it better. this one is midi, in this video it is sequenced by a number of Arduino midi sequencers designed around a modified code of this :-…/04/23/arduino-based-midi-sequen…/

Its core is an Arduinoboy designed by Trash80 with some EMS smart cards with his mGB software on them. on top of that it has some oscillators which effect the clock of the gameboys, hence making them tuneable by slowing up and down the gameboys speed, all 3 of them work off each other to make a fatter version of just 1 of them that is all. the processor clock speed is also controllable by CV. the initial sounds by the gameboys are channel 3 which is the WAVE channel, one of the midi sequencers up top out is used to record the cc from control voltage of that knob to the right which controls the wave table.

the pulse channels and the wave channels are panned so they can be kind of seperate so they can go into different reverbs and into the mixer.

its all powered by the midi sequencers which is all clocked by an alesis hr16, i pre played in the apregiator style sound into one of the midi sequencers prior to recording this cus its really hard not to mess up, so just muted and unmuted that. along with a lot of drum patterns which are triggered by various step sequencers and probability triggers.

the front panel is loose because im having problems booting all of the gameboys up at the same time from the front panel, and seinse the back of the gameboys are inside ive kinda gotta pull it out and turn it on and off again if it crashes. but hopefully will be an easy fix.

the keyboard controller is a bit of a mess, the controls on the front panel was a master clock so i didnt have to use the Alesis HR16 but it didnt really work very well so i had to bypass all of that and solder the end of a midi cable straight to the arduino in the controller... work in progress.

its all doused in reverb to sound kinda HOLY.

SO YEAH HOLY GAMEBOY. you can find out more on the older project at :-
and the old one i built is here :- [posted here]
filmed and added some closeups after. hence the clock speed being slow in the close ups."

ARDUINOBOY triple gameboy modular synth

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