MATRIXSYNTH: DM2 1.1 Preview [13th October 2016]

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DM2 1.1 Preview [13th October 2016]

Published on Sep 21, 2016 Audionomy Apps

iTunes: DM2 - Pascal Douillard

"DM2 version 1.1 will be released on the 13th of October 2016.

DM2 version 1.1 now has auxiliary effects (assignable per track) as well as single, duplets, triplets or quadruplets steps for complex rhythms at the tip of your finger. DM2 v1.1 can also export your work to audio files to multiple destinations (AudioShare, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, iTunes, Open In). As well as plenty of UI amendments and improvments.

+ STEPS : [NEW] Steps Divisions (single | duplet | triplet | quadruplet)
+ DRUMS : [NEW] When "Oscillator Note“ is selected (in Oscillator Waveform Zoom), all tracks have their frequency aligned to discreet note frequency (making more musical drum kits)
+ MIXER : [FIXED] The Mixer Main Volume has been tempered with a linear response (beware, previous songs may sound quieter but with less saturation).
+ PADS : [AMENDED] Record with Replace mode will only clear once a played track. Switch back and forth Replace if you need to clear more tracks while recording.
+ PADS : [AMENDED] When HOLD is on, tapping the same Beat Repeat pad will switch the effect on/off.
+ PADS : [FIXED] lagging sounds when recording
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] zoomed graphed are now embedded in the page and can stay up as "outside" parameters (selected track, steps, osc/noise mix, level, etc) are changed
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper "zoom" button
+ DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper "close" button in the zoomed graphs
+ MIXER : [ADDED] tap the name of a track to open a popup with the sounds associated to this track
+ UI : [AMENDED] Buttons colour code reviewed (blue=action | orange=state)
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to Audioshare
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to AudioCopy
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to SoundCloud
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to iTunes
+ SONG : [NEW] added export to Open In
+ MIXER : [NEW] added Mute button
+ MIDI : [AMENDED] Midi notes can be sent and received while Link is connected
+ Pure Date 0.47
+ LibPd 0.9.0"

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