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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hypersynth Xenophone Demos & Mini Review by jdxa-knight

"Short demos of the fantastic HYPERSYNTH XENOPHONE, a monophonic analog synth with so many features that you better check the complete list at I did a very fast cut demo of some of my own patches and patterns, but be sure, this machine is capable of endless unbelievable sounds!"

via jdxa-knight:

"Since the online demos, so far, of the HYPERSYNTH XENOPHONE are showcasing more of the 'nice' side of this unbelievable monophonic analog synth, I started to record some demos of patches and patterns I programmed on it. In fact, I have 2 XENOPHONES now, as you can do so much with it, from 'normal' synth sounds, to quite unusual percussion sequences, from shattering bass, to very 'proggy' melodic stuff.

Still, after a month, I am learning, exploring, and discovering new things every day. I cannot remember another synth that I became addicted to like this one. The demos are cut very fast, with very short snippets, and mostly the sounds are quite banging - but that's how I like to work with it - if you want to do softer ones: it can be done!

Me, I like to put the XENOPHONE through my Fender Dual Showman with a 15" cab, so you can imagine we got things rocking a bit. ;)

Iman and his crew do a great job - like introducing new features like Duophony in OS updates. Soon you might be able to download the latest OS which will feature, for example, the possibility to shift the sequencer lines (NOTE, VELOCITY, AUX1, AUX2) together, independently, and in combinations of 2, a feature, that not only lets you put the pattern in context to your other machines, but also lets you create instant variations of grooves with loopable envelopes, lot's of waveforms, filter types, arpeggiator, sequencer, fm, ring mod, mod matrix to name just a few. The guys behind it think about everything to make this a very smart und super creative machine. It is also compact (Elektron size) and despite some menu diving, it is super easy and fast to operate, and it has a uniquie, creative, and uncomplicated workflow.

If you don't know the XENOPHONE yet, you really should have a look at its feature list at I honestly think there are very, very few synths that let you do, what this synthesizer does. It has a sound of its own, but we use it, for example, together with classics like the Odyssey MK1, 2Voice, and Voyager. It is an absolute perfect combination for all kinds of detroitish, industrial, electronic drones, dub, and whatever music.

I hope you enjoy this very small glimpse into the endless universe of the HYPERSYNTH XENOPHONE, check it out, it's one of a kind !"

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