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Monday, March 11, 2024

HyperSynth Hcard-101 Memory Card for Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 Models

video upload by Hypersynth-Official

"Hcard-101 is an intelligent memory card with multi-bank and multi-device capabilities, purposefully tailored for use with Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 models.

More info:"

See the HyperSynth label for addtional memorory cards for other synths.

"Hcard-101 is an intelligent memory card with multi-bank and multi-device capabilities, purposefully tailored for use with Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 models. The Korg M1 synthesizer's voice memory is initially limited to 100 presets, which can be upgraded to 200 presets (1 extra bank) by utilizing a Korg 'MCR-03' RAM card. However, the availability of the Korg RAM card is limited due to its discontinuation, rarity, and high cost. These factors collectively render it a less favorable choice for enthusiasts in the modern era. The 'Hcard-101' serves as a seamless replacement for the Korg "MCR-03". It boasts the capacity to store up to 126 banks of data, all without concerns about battery lifespan and potential data loss.


Memory Capacity: Supports up to 126 banks, segmented as follows: (M1:64 banks, WS: 40 banks, DS8:24 banks, A1:16 banks)

Pre-Loaded Soundbanks: Comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, including 57 from Korg ROM cards. Additionally, it contains 11 Hypersynth categorized banks specifically for M1 and more.

Touch Pad Accessibility: Instantly switch between different banks using 4 touch pads.

Display: Features a 128x128 pixel OLED display (free angle).

Adaptive Display: Automatic rotation feature corrects display orientation if the card is inserted in reverse, especially useful for rack-mount devices.

Enhanced Memory Protection: An independent 'Memory Protect' option for each bank, offering protection without locking the entire card.

Customization: Allows user-defined names for banks.

Quick Bank Navigation: Easily navigate between banks via the bank list menu.

Efficient Management: Use the "Bank Copy" function to duplicate banks without overwriting the internal memory of the synth.

Battery-Free: Operates without the need for a battery.

Robust Build: CNC metal case sporting a scratch-resistant grey anodized finish.

Compatibility: Drop-in replacement for the Korg "MCR-03" RAM card.

Extensive Device Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Korg M1, M1-EX, M1R, M1R-EX, T1, T2, T3, WS, WS-EX, WS-A/D, DS8, and A1.

M1 Dedicated Features:

Format Decoding: Displays the format of the selected bank on the main screen.(100prg/100cmb, 50prg/50cmb/4200seq, 7700seq)

Capture Program: Presents valuable details about the chosen program, including its compatibility with M1/M1EX, or any requirements for an external PCM card.

List Program: Showcases 8 program names simultaneously, allowing for quick access and browsing of desired sounds.

Bank Info: Provides a comprehensive report highlighting the number of programs in the chosen bank that utilize M1 waveforms, M1EX waveforms, or External PCM card waveforms.

WS Dedicated Feature:

Dynamic Update: Automatically updates the card name on the Wavestation display upon selecting a new bank on the Hcard.


Hcard-101 comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, featuring many of the rarest Korg ROM cards and factory preload data for supported synthesizers. On top of that, it includes 11 categorized banks specifically for M1, stamped with the HyperSynth signature. These banks offer 1100 programs, handpicked from thousands of available free banks for the Korg M1. The layout of these soundbanks makes choosing sounds a breeze.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sound Bank for the Hypersynth Xenophone - Carlo Mezzanotte

video upload by carlomezz

"Here's a presentation of the 128-patch sound bank that I have programmed for the great Hypersynth Xenophone analog monosynth. 3 oscs, 3 envs, 3 LFOs, 4 ring modulators, 12 filter types, large matrix mod, analog distortion, sequencer, digital effects and a great voice!

Hypersynth will include this bank as Bank Four in all future units (although it's called Bank Three, as they start from Zero!); previous owners can download it here:

No external effects or eq have been added.

Not every patch is demoed in this video; however, I tried to represent each one of the several categories into which I have divided the bank.
Here they are, in the same order in which they appear in the synth:

0:00 - Classic synth leads
2:35 - "Larger than life" synth sounds
3:50 - Aggressive synth sounds
6:55 - Woodwinds impressions
8:38 - Percussive synth sounds
10:37 - Tuned percussions impressions
12:07 - Ambient sounds
14:02 - Basses
15:30 - Solo strings & sweeps
16:39 - Drums and percussions sounds
17:37 - Variations on a classic sweep
18:41 - FX, various and - a bit of fun : - )"

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Hypersynth Hcard-750 Rev2 for the Roland D-50 & Hcard-701 Rev2 for the Yamaha DX7

video upload by madFame

Hypersynth Hcard-701 Rev2 for the Yamaha DX7

"You can find more info about the Hcard-750 at"

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Hypersynth HCard-705 for Yamaha DX1/DX5 Demonstration

video by Failed Muso

"In this video, I take a look at the new HCard-705 RAM Cartridge Pack from Hypersynth. We cover some brief history of DX cartridges before going through how to use the HCard-705 in your DX1/DX5, including how to install and access the brand new Hyper-Bank Performance patches, the first 3rd party commercial sound banks specifically for the DX1/DX5 ever!

Buy the HCard-705 direct from Hypersynth...

View the full audio demo of the Hyper-Bank" [posted here]
See the HyperSynth label below for more.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021



(Side Kick: KORG DSM-1) 😉
Sequencer/Sampler MPC 4000 & Just YAMAHA LS-9 32 Effects

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Synthesizer SN XNO-00182

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via this auction

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Analog Vintage Synth Collection used as beatbox (no talking)


"Arturia Keystep Pro sequences Pro One, Minimoog Model D, Arp Odyssey, Dominion 1, Hypersynth Xenophone, Vermona '14, to make a hi-end beatbox and arpeggiated sounds."

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hypersynth Xenophone, MODOR NF-1, ... - MIDI Live Session


"Just a little live MIDI Track. No external FX, except internal Reverb form the Antelope Orion HD 32 Gen3.


AKAI z8 (Korg volca sample Drums)
Arturia MatrixBrute (Smooth Metalized Tones)
Arturia MicroFreak (Random Lofi Voices)
Hypersynth Xenophone (Reso Bass)
Kawai K3 (Nice & Lush Chrous Pad)
MODOR NF-1 (Pan & Moving Bass)
Roland JD-XA (Analog Stabs)
Roland System 8 (High JP-8 Melo Strings)

Winterliche Weihnachtsgrüße from

Thursday, August 27, 2020

White Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Duophonic Synthesizer

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via this auction

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Hcard-705 Hyper-Bank Demo (Performance Bank For Yamaha DX5 - DX1)


"Hyper-Bank is a performance bank that comes with HyperSynth Hcard-705 cartridge pair, It is the first third-party performance bank for Yamaha DX5 and DX1. Hyper-Bank contains 64 presets, This video demonstrates nearly half of the sounds in this bank.

More info:"

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Demo Xenophone

Published on Jun 1, 2020 coyotesynth

"HyperSynth Xenophone is a very well featured monosynth, with 3 DCO, 2 Subs, many noises (including commodore C64 noise), a multimode filter with 4 analog distortions, flexible envelopes with modulation matrix, and FX bus. Audio input and CV/Gate I/O are also available.

Check out this synth, which is excellent in acid / bassline animated with its built-in step sequencer / arpeggiator."

Friday, June 28, 2019

Hypersynth Xenophone Advanced Analog Synthesizer

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via this auction, also on Reverb.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hypersynth Hcard Review - Hcard 701 DX7 mk1

Published on Jun 20, 2019 madFame

"This awesome piece of gear can practically store all of your DX7 library with an astonishing 12800 patch memory capacity across 400 banks.

Get yours at

Watch my quick start video for the Hcard 701 (Yamaha DX7): [posted here]
and my quick start guide for the Hcard 750 (Roland D-50): [posted here]"

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hypersynth Hcard 701 Quick Start tutorial - Yamaha DX7 mk1

Published on Jun 19, 2019 madFame

"This is my quick start demonstration of Hypersynth's Hcard 701 for the Yamaha DX7 mk1.

The Hcard 701 adds an additional 400 BANKS to your DX7!
400 banks x 32 patches = 12800 patches on the Hcard 701!

Get yours at"

Hypersynth Hcard 750 Quick Start tutorial - Roland D-50

Published on Jun 19, 2019 madFame

"This is my quick start demonstration of Hypersynth's Hcard 750 for the Roland D-50.

The Hcard 750 adds an additional 64 BANKS to your D-50.

Get yours at"

Friday, June 14, 2019

Laleh - Kristaller (Kebu Remix)

Premiered 28 minutes ago Kebu

Some more Kebu for you. Love the synth spotting and the ability to hear what each synth is generally doing in these.

"Written by Aida S, Frank Nobel and Laleh Pourkarim
Original produced by Laleh Pourkarim
Remix produced by Sebastian 'Kebu' Teir
Performed by: Kebu

This remix was made using analog synths and analog(* drum machines as the sole sound sources, in addition to the original vocals:

Cyclone TT-606; Dave Smith Evolver, Mopho & Tetra (x 2); Jomox AirBase99; Hypersynth Xenophone; Marion ProSynth; Moog Minimoog D; Oberheim Matrix 6R & Matrix1000 (x 3); Roland Alpha Juno 2, JX-3P (with KiwiTech upgrade), JX-8P, SH-09 and TR-808.

(* The AirBase99 has also samples in addition to the analog synth drums. However, for this music I only used the analog synth drums.

The song was sequenced with Cubase and mixed with a Yamaha LS9-32. The stems were further mixed and mastered using Cubase with various plugins.

Controllers used: M-Audio Trigger Finger; Roland JD-XA; Roli Seaboard Grand

Camera: Heidi Väisänen
Video editing: Kebu

Many thanks to Gustaf Thörn & Laleh for providing the stems for my remix!"

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Hypersynth Xenophone SN XNO - 00058

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via this auction

"Beautiful multimode filter and fx.
Paraphonic mode, Arp/Seq., lots of modulation options, 2 sub osc, Ring mod,

OS updated to 2.2
Hardware is updated version of the Black series.

Free editor, sound banks and manual are available from Hypersynth site"

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

HyperSynth Intros Memory Expansion Cards for Yamaha DX-7, DX7-II, DX5 - DX1, Roland D-50

Additional details further below.

Hcard-701 (Yamaha DX7 MKI) €91/$104 - holds up to 100 banks (3200 presets)
Hcard-702 (Yamaha DX7II-D/FD) €91/$104 - holds up to 100 banks (6400 presets)
Hcard-750 (Roland D-50) €95/$109 - holds up to 64 banks (6400 presets)

Coming in the pipeline:

Hcard-705 Pair (Yamaha DX5-DX1) & H-Display (For All Hcard Series)

Additional details on the current cards:

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Hypersynth Xenophone Advanced Analog Mono SYNTHESIZER

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via this auction

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hypersynth Xenophone (White)

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via this auction


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