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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Moog MiniMoog Model D SN 3718

via this auction

"This thing has undoubtedly seen it's share of action over the years. It has quite a few nicks, scratches and dents. Just by looking at it you can almost hear the countless attempts to play Frankenstein that have been tried on it. This is literally one that is going to be tough to see leave.

This Minimoog is definitely not a museum piece. It is not all original and has it's share of issues, but it is a great instrument. It is what we would call player's grade, and I would love it to go to a home where it will get the crap played out of it.

Let's get down to the details.

- First the serial number and completion signatures would indicate that it was created in 1974.
- Everything is in working order and sounds great, as I literally had put $500 into it getting it up and running less than 1 month ago. I had it serviced by Mike Borish over at Borish Electronics who is one of the best here in Chicago for old synths.
- Mike was able to replace any grommets on the keyboard so there are no clacking keys that plague these boards.
- Several pots have been changed out as well as a new power cord.
- There is a scratchy switch, but only one and it is the 440 signal for tuning. Only make a scratching noise when switched on or off.
- The keyboard is not perfectly level, as seen in the photos. It is very playable however.
- It is missing screws for one bracket on the actual wooden frame, you can see that in photo #21. The frame is rock solid however.
- Has a strange flaw in the finish on the top front panels that can only be seen in certain light, shown in photo #13
- Keep in mind that things have been changed out on this, so it can not be considered all original.

There are just a few pots that are still a little scratchy, but nothing major. I also have not had the chance to try the external controller connections so cannot say if those work or not. There does seem to be a little static from the high output jack, but the low output jack works just fine."

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