MATRIXSYNTH: Node - Pliers (1996)

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Node - Pliers (1996)

Published on Sep 8, 2016 baward

"A rare track from Node, which only seems to have been released as part of a cover-mount CD that came free with Future Music magazine, back in January 1996."

Based on this Sound on Sound article (via The Synthesizer Book), some of what you are seeing is the following "Going around the room, then, Flood's setup consists of an ARP 1613 sequencer, a Roland System 700 and a Moog 3C. 'Whereas Ed will have one common clock and then he'll have maybe half a dozen sequences all running in different time signatures,' he says, 'I'll tend to work on one sequencer as being the core and then others maybe I'll bring in. Ed will tend to be much more multi-sequence-driven, and then it's just how we listen to each other. A lot of the times I'll set a sequence going and then I'll be off noodling with some other thing somewhere which generally involves the Putney [EMS VCS3].'"

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