MATRIXSYNTH: ANGLE - Hold Your Breath (Maxime Dangles - repeat remix)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

ANGLE - Hold Your Breath (Maxime Dangles - repeat remix)

ANGLE - Hold Your Breath (Maxime Dangles - repeat remix) from Tiptop Film on Vimeo.

Artist: ANGLE


Title: Hold Your Breath (Repeat remix)

Title Album: Hold Your Breath

Directed and edited by: Lorenzo Marchi, Piero Fragola

Release Date: 10.10.2016

Label: Tiptop Audio Records

Genre: Techno

Mastering by Tommy Bianchi @ White Sound Mastering Studio

Distribuited by Wordandsound

This black and white animated videoclip elaborates the visual experiences of a distant past in a highly contemporary language.

This work explores the tradition of the Thaumatrope, the nineteenth-century optical toy acknowledged as a precursor of moving image media. It is a disk with a picture on each side, attached to two pieces of string, whose twirling creates the illusion of interpenetration of the parts.

In the videoclip, the soft oscillation of the disk is accompanied by the slightly hinted movements of expressive nineteenth-century faces, turning their glances into smiles or grimaces. These faces call back to humanity, while the music weaves the weft of a mantra; the insertion of abstract elements and geometric graphics moves the vision towards a typically electronic imagery. The flight of the insects on the disk at the ending becomes a metaphor for the living buzzes of the modular synthesizers’ sounds.

The short loops remind of both the patterns of techno music, with its obsessive rhythms, and the circular processes from the 19-century Thaumatrope which re-activate the visual impact through the digital-born animated GIF, by means of a fast and highly effective cinematic language. The audiovisual experience of the videoclip becomes a micro-object that intertwines several contemporary artistic practices, as well as recovering the heritage of the optical toys, suspended between stillness and motion.

Rossella Catanese

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