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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Circuit Bent DD-10

Published on Oct 26, 2016 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A circuit bent modified Yamaha DD-10 Drum Machine, built by Shane Williams of X1L3. Although a DD-10 won't yield to rom glitching, a number of features have been added to it to bring it up to spec with some of the more unruly machines listed in the shop. It takes on it's own unique character and is now unlike any of the others. Two oscillators which can be set up as drones or set to follow the amplitude envelope of the drum machine output, an external input with bufferd/none buffered input selection which allows you to feed line level equipment and passives such as guitars, mics and contact mics into the effects chain. The effects chain consists of a resonant filter with high pass and low pass bands, a digital delay which is open to abuse and is the heart of the machines ability to create ambient, harsh and noise wall sound scapes as well as data crash type glitching and strange effect. It has a dual mode distortion with diode clipping and direct modes. All of these can be used to manipulate the internal sounds as well as anything fed into the external input. The external input can be used while the machine is active and the machine, oscillators and external source can be mixed up as desired in the mixer section. The pitch control features a coarse and fine dial. When the pitch is dropped via the coarse control it dives into dirt and sludge which plays well with the filter and distortion.

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