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Monday, October 24, 2016

'Get Dirty' - ngarjuna

Published on Oct 24, 2016 ngarjuna

"Modular Jam 61 - 'Get Dirty'
Produced by ngarjuna and Deborah Sherman
© 2016 Acid Coast

Patch Notes:
All Seeing Drums in Patterning (composited)

SMR Pips
Sequencer 1 Gate, Accent, Clock, CV1, CV2, Wogglebug Burst
are each hitting one of the six channels of the SMR
Left and Right inputs being fed by Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2 respectively each cross FM’ing one another with Maths SUM (double cycling) adding to the EXP input on Sputnik 2, Wogglebug Stepped modulating CV input on Sputnik 1 with a Rubicon LFO further hitting the EXP input on Sputnik 1
CV3 on Seq1 is what’s moving the rotation along the dial

Lead Voice
Sequencer 1 pushing the Cranial Saw (Saw/Square/Sub mix) into the Polaris VCF in Bandpass A
FM1 is being fed by Maths SUM getting signal from Minimod Envelope and Rene (CV sequence to Unquantized OUT)
FM2 full positive fed by uVCA 2 which is dynamically sending Rubicon audio rate triangle wave modulated by a mixture of a Seq1 LFO, some random from the Wogglebug Stepped and OR out from PEG
Much of the movement including the longer sweeps is accomplished via manual wiggling on the Polaris cutoff

STO VARI OUT to Optomix
FM’d by its own SIN OUT (tuned to a pretty low octave)
Sputnik VARI OUT (Square) to Optomix
Maths enveloping Optomix and Sputnik VARI CV (ch1) and providing Accent (ch4)

Pittsburgh Oscillators into STG Soundlabs Post Lawsuit Filter
Modulated by Sequencer 1 LFO

All Acid lines in Audiorealism ABL3

Male vocals made with the TransVocal Discombobulator (Uhe Diva/Zynaptiq Morph/Cytomic The Drop)

Female robot vocals processed with Audio Damage Replicant"

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