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Monday, October 03, 2016

Korg Minilogue Delay Feedback & Ambient Explorations

Published on Jul 23, 2016 Nick Jackson

"This is a quick demonstration of the 'noisy' delay people are talking about on the Minilogue. I happen to love it and think it can have some pretty cool applications, especially in an ambient context. I really opened up the feedback here, just to show how it can run away and self-oscillate, which to me is pretty cool. I'm also running it through a Strymon Blue Sky for some pretty pronounced reverb. I do apologize for the terrible video quality, I had to upload this as an AVI because youtube was giving me the grey screen when I tried uploading as MOV (suggestions for fixing this?)

Alsoo, at parts of this video, mostly when the filter is more closed, you can hear the notorious 'clicky' envelope that everyone is talking about. It happens when the envelope's attack is set fast and is especially noticeable on the lower notes who's harmonics stay out of the 'click' range. Not gonna lie, it's kind of shitty. Sure, you can dial it out by adjusting the attack back a bit....buttt what if I don't want to adjust your attack? What if I want a fast attack? Some people (who are probably just defending their $500 purchase) say it's no biggie and kind of adds character to the synth. I do think it is a flaw. With an instrument designed to create custom sounds, nobody should have to 'deal with' a click if they don't want one. I can see Korg coming out with a V2 of this synth sometime in the future that amends this issue..

But overall, I'm having alot of fun with the Minilogue and think it has some great capabilities, especially for people into ambient stuff like myself. Plus, oscilloscope bro!"

Reawakening -- Minilogue Ambient

Published on Jul 31, 2016

"Here's some more ambient ramblings with the Korg Minilogue. I've got some pulse-width modulation going on here. About halfway through the performance I start playing with the delay's feedback, something I've found I am quite wont to do. There is also some reverb dialed up in my DAW for some added ambience. Once again, the quality is shit, because I'm having trouble uploading .mov's lately. I had to upload this as an .avi, so the video quality is terrible (makes me look black) and the audio is only 16-bit (just think of it as a sweet digital bitcrush plug-in! lol) Anyway, i hope you enjoy or somehow find this helpful, thanks for listening."

Minilogue Ambient Rambling #3

Published on Aug 20, 2016

"In this one I am running the Mini through my guitar pedalboard with a few units engaged, such as a compressor, a couple distortion boxes, and of course that sweet sweet Strymon reverb. The only post-processing is a high rolloff around 17khz in order to tame the more piercing frequencies, because as you may have gathered, I like a bit of noise. As always, hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out!"

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