MATRIXSYNTH: Patch Notes #25 - The #3ModuleChallenge

Friday, October 28, 2016

Patch Notes #25 - The #3ModuleChallenge

Published on Oct 28, 2016 Voltage Control Lab

"Getting in on the Modular Podcast #3modulechallenge with this Patch Notes. Using 3 of my favorite Eurorack modules, Make Noise DPO, Mutable Instruments Clouds and Ornament & Crime.

Stick with me here, this one is complicated.

The modulation oscillator on the DPO is in LFO mode. The Saw out is routed to clock the TR1 input on Ornament & Crime, which is in Copier Maschine mode. Clouds right audio output is routed to the CV1 input on O&C, as the cv source for the analog shift register.

Channel A on O&C is routed to the DPO 1v/oct input on the main oscillator, and stackable'd to the Clouds position CV input as well. Channel B is routed to the fold section CV in. Channel C is routed to Clouds density CV in. Channel D into the Clouds 1v/oct input.

DPO modulation oscillator triangle wave output is routed to the Clouds right channel input. The sine wave out is patched to the angle section CV in. The expo FM input is set to 3 o'clock, linear FM to noon. The FM bus is set to 1:30.

The main oscillator sine out is stackable'd out to the shape section CV input, and fed back into the main oscillator expo FM input. The square wave output is patched to the Clouds texture CV input, and the Final output is patched the Clouds left input channel.

Clouds is in granular processing mode, and is routed out through the Malekko Mix4 for volume control and recorded clean into the Native Instruments Audio 10."

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