MATRIXSYNTH: QU-Bit Electronix Rhythm Demo ft. Chord, Octone, & Expert Sleepers Disting

Friday, October 14, 2016

QU-Bit Electronix Rhythm Demo ft. Chord, Octone, & Expert Sleepers Disting

Published on Oct 14, 2016 Century Sound Labs

"As you can see, Rhythm can be used for much more than just drums! In this patch, channels 1 and 2 of Rhythm are triggering Expert Sleepers Distings in Envelope VCA mode. The root and 7th notes from Chord are fed through these VCAs and sent on to a final L-1 Tube VCA mixer to be combined with the Chord module. The third output of Rhythm is triggering the CV input of the tube VCA, imparting a psuedo-kick sound to the mix.

The Octone on the left is sending 1v/oct CV to Chord. It is passively multiplied using the TipTop stackable cable to the Inversion CV input on Chord, causing a pleasing detune effect from the resultant loading.

The Octone on the right is synced to the first Octone, and is triggered at 1/8th the speed. It is sequencing the pattern selection for Rhythm, so every time the 8 chord phrase comes around, it selects another different pattern to play.

The mix is then sent into the Universal Audio Apollo 8 first through the Moog LPF to add some dirt with its drive function, then onto the Neve 1073 preamp and Studer A800 tape emulator for further thickening. It is then compressed using the Fairchild 660 to add some tube glue.

On Send A is the Cooper Time Cube delay and on Send B is the EMT 140 plate reverb.

In the mixdown, the track runs through the Steven Slate VCC in RCA Tube Console mode, then through the Manley Vari-Mu compressor and Massive Passive Mastering EQ. Finally, the mix is tapped off on 7.5ips with the Ampex ATR-102 emulator and lightly limited with the A.O.M. Invisible Limiter."

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