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Friday, October 14, 2016

Chaos Nand Rhythm and Synthrotek Atari Punk Console Acid Jams

Published on Oct 14, 2016 synthrotek

" dont NEED a VCA to make some great rhythm with the Synthrotek Chaos Nand. Just connect your Envelope, Trigger, Gate, or CV into the SAG input to get some real interesting and unique sounds!

Our 4093 Chaos NAND Synth in Eurorack form! The 4093 Chaos NAND Synth is a super-modifiable noise generator that will knock your socks off with its sonic potential: low pulsing drones, random robotic chaos, and high-pitched laser sounds!

A great project to begin your explorations into the world of DIY sound synthesis, the PCB was designed with the beginner in mind. Board-mountable switches, socketed IC, hands-on knobs and switches for tone control, and a detailed silkscreen PCB to help you solder components right the first time.

The Eurorack 4093 Chaos NAND Synth Kit includes all the components that you will need to build it.

Power Draw: +/-20mA
Use 3 trimpots (one for each CV input) to dial in the amount of control voltage affecting the vactrol
8 HP
1.036" Deep
Comes with power cable, 3mm screws and 2.5mm screws"

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