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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Something New Coming from Korg November 1st?

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Any ideas?


  1. Looks like tolex... Korg Arp 2600?

    1. blue, white, grey,orange and black were the colours of all of the 2600 releases. Could be.

  2. Hopefully not another band edition of a volca gear

  3. just thinking out loud but on a recent episode of sonic talk i'm sure marc doty said he signed a NDA about a new analog poly synth from one of the main players coming soon

  4. korg arp 2600. . . .

  5. Polysix. Check colors in stripes.

    1. The Polysix was black with blue, so your point is?

  6. Evidence for a 2600 reboot: all the clone makers are mysteriously out of stock for their kits, the tolex pattern, some of the colors
    I would say that there's no ARP orange or Marvin blue (the two blues in the teaser are more grey than the Marvin). Even with the affordability of the Odyssey, I don't think Korg would be able to make an affordable 2600 and stay within their price point. All the internal wiring for semi-modularity wouldn't be able to slide comfortably into the sub-$2k range.

    Evidence for a new Mono/Poly: Color scheme is arguably close to the teaser (save the Mono/Poly had blue paint body). Inexpensive, theoretically.

    Evidence for a new Polysix: the button color scheme matches the teaser colors—the silkscreening was all white/off-white on black. The texture, while initially looking tolex-y, could very well be just a powder-coat-on-metal texture under silkscreen simulacrum for this teaser. This one's probably the strongest and most likely with Oberheim/DSI analogue polys and even the Roland/Yamaha digital reboots that have come out recently. And it would be relatively inexpensive to build, especially with mini-keys.

  7. Definitely looks more like powder coat than tolex to me. I'm hoping for either Mono/Poly or ARP200 but I think PolySix is more likely. Minilogue has too much feature overlap with the Mono/Poly and is in some ways a more capable synth (though the Mono/Poly is better sounding to my ears). ARP 2600P/2601 would be awesome and I think it could be sold for less than most people think if manufactured at large scale, but marketing-wise it's a little goofy. Would they sell it with or without the keyboard controller? Which one? 3620? How would the keyboard actually work? MIDI? CV/Gate? Korg could sell it sans-keyboard, but I can hear the purists screaming now (same for a MIDI version of the keyboard).

    PolySix, on the other hand is sufficiently different from the both MiniLogue, ARP Odyssey, and MS-20 Mini as to set up some real differentiation within the lineup. It's a single VCO per voice and would be pretty cheap to manufacture; competes directly with Juno-106 in terms of mind-share; and adds additional polyphony to what's available on the Minilogue. So while it's my least favorite of the three, I think it makes the most sense.

    The other possibility is that it's none of the above, and instead is some sort of iPad app or arranger keyboard or sequencer or something. If Korg built a standalone MIDI/CV sequencer the likes of a Squarp Pyramid or Cirklon, I'd buy the hell out of it, though that seems highly unlikely given the nature of the tease.


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