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Monday, October 10, 2016

VOLTLIFE: Synthrotek ADSR percussion

Published on Oct 10, 2016 VOLTLIFE: Synthrotek ADSR percussion

"A quick demo of using Synthrotek's new ADSR module (see my previous video for a full demo: [posted here]) to shape noisy percussion sounds.

Like many people, I normally just use an AR envelope for percussion, since it's simple and snappy. But for some sounds such as claps and pseudo-gated snares with a sustained portion, an ADSR gives you the ability to carefully shape the initial hit, noisy sustain and release. VC control over the release and whole ADSR time allow for varied percussion sequences.

The ADSR is driven by short gates out of a Pittsburgh Game System, and it opens a Pittsburgh dual VCA. The VCA is fed with a mixture of two noise sources (band-passed white noise and a Braids in CLKN mode) and a nasty FM tone (a Rubicon pulse through-zero modulated by a Dixie II square). In the last part of the video I mult the ADSR output to the Rubicon's FM index to give it more dynamism."

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