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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yamaha reface CP vs Strymon blueSky

Published on Oct 22, 2016 ollilaboratories

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Ok, so lets get one thing over with before i get on with the technical details... I am not a piano player nor am i aspiring to be one.. i dont have any technique nor skills to compete with anyone out there, this is just me noodling away.. see me as your friendly bearded synthetist giving you some tunes and sounds from a galaxy far far away :D ok!! now when that part is cleared out. let get on to the tune !

I have ALWAYS wanted a Rhodes.. never had the money, space nor time to get one.. so when this reface CP thingy came out i sensed a possible purchase sometime in the future. And now here we are! :D

I dont really know how the real deal is supposed to sound in a setup like this.. never used an electric piano in any of my tracks before.. so i just noodle away, tweak it like a synth.. just to get a feel for how it can be used in my tunes. Im thinking, simpler overlay melodies and chords.. possibly in sync w a looper of some sort.

I really like the build quality of the CP, feels sturdy, on this noodle session im using the NLA1 as midi keys as i really need more that 3 octaves to play what i want to play (5 would be even better). Also I sort of miss and get the reason why ppl need proper hammer action when playing w a real piano sound.. as you can hear, some notes are wayyyy over the top in velocity (had to add a limiter on the track before posting it), im just going to have to learn how to play it more softly :)

Gear used: Yamaha reface CP, through the Strymon Bluesky FX .. RdI on the reface CP, and room modulated reverb on the bluesky.. after a little while i tune in some phaser on the CP which is a pretty nice fx built into the yamaha.

cheers.. hope you can enjoy this one :) there will be proper tunes featuring this one sometimes soon..

cheers !!"

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