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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 vs Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev. 3.2

Published on Nov 6, 2016 RĂ¼diger Gaenslen

"Comparison of he waveforms and sounds beetween the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 and Sequential Ciruits Prophet-5 Rev. 3.2.

I tried to compare the same settings. The Prophet-6 is mono and bypassed the FX-Section. First example ist he Prophet-6, second the Prophet-5.

I compared:

1. Oszilator 1 Saw Wave
a. Closed Filter
b. Half open Filter
c. Full open Filter
d. Half open Filter, full resonance
2. Oszilator 1 and 2 Saw Wave, slightly detuned
3. Oszilator 1 Pulse Wave
a. Closed Filter
b. Closed to open Filter
c. Pulse With Modulated
4. Oszilator 1 and 2 Pulse Wave
a. No detuning
b. Modulated detuning
c. Slightly detuning chord played
d. Pulse Pad with slowly Filter and Amplifier envelopes, slightly detuned oszilators
e. The same, but with open Resonance
f. The same, but with closed Filter
g. The same, but with poly mod Filter Env and PW and LFO Triangle Filter modulation and PWM
5. Oszilator 1 and 2 Saw Wave
a. Sync and Unison (Prophet 6 with Slop 35 %)
b. The Same, solo
6. Oszilator 1 and 2 Saw, Pulse and Triangle Wave (Prophet 6 has no in Mix) Sync and Unison
a. Rising Filter
b. Filter Sweep
c. Oszilator 2 one octave lower
d. Brass Patch, no sync, no Triangle Wave

The short demo you can listen in den beginning and the end of Video is a Multitrack oft he Prophet-6 recorded in stereo and using the internal effects.

My opinion: the Prophet-6 sounds a bit harsher and more metallic. The Prophet-5 is more lush and silken sounding. But the differences are not that obvious. All in all the Prophet-6 has more advantages (additional features for sounddesign, arpeggiator, sequencer, effect-section, better keyboard with velocity and aftertouch etc.).

I hope you like my video. Have fund and cheers,

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant demonstration. I obviously heard sonic differences but it wasn't until section 6 b, c, d that I actually preferred the Prophet 5. I own the 6 and haven't had a 5 around to compare since I sold mine in the 90's. The filters are dramatically different in the 5. Richer filter sweeps over sync and unison for sure. Overall, though, the 6 is a keeper.



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