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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Edgar Froese Tribute by Eric G on the EHS Modular System

Published on Jun 24, 2015 Stnibar

"Thank you Edgar for all the beautiful music and inspiration!
Here is an improvised, one-take (no edits) tribute to Edgar made by eric g. He plays EHS Synthi Mu, EHS 3P Modular, EMU VK-6, ARP Pro soloist."

Spotted this one on Synthtopia. Like me, you might be wondering what the EHS Synthi Mu & 3P modular is. It appears it is a custom 5U/MU system by Stnibar aka Eric G featuring his own DIY modules and others.

via Eric G's website:

"This is my self built modular synth. It is a three cabinet, MU, portable Moog look-alike. Most modules are designed and built by me but there are also modules from Arrick, Doepfer and SSL.

Module listing
Signal Sources:

8 VCO (CEM3340)
2 VCO (XR2206)
2 Hex oscillator (TR-808-like / Psyco LFO)
1 Noise generator (Lo, red, pink, white, blue and variable noise)
1 VC Digital noise generator
1 Percussion module (Noise gen., Envelope, VCA)

Filters and other Signal Modifiers:

2 VCF - ADSR - VCA (SSM2044, SSM2056, BA6110. Ex. Bratigel Module)
2 Multimode VCF (CEM3320)
2 State variable VCF (Like SEM but with UAF42)
1 Twin peak VCF (Electro Harmonix EH400 dual peak LPF)
1 Fixed filter bank (like Moog 907)
1 VC Phase shifter (Roland Phase 2)
1 VC Comb filter (Korg Trident Flanger)
1 VC Wave Multiplier
1 Arrick Q130 Clipper/rectifier. Not mounted
1 Ring modulator incl. VC sine generator
1 VC Frequency shifter (Doepfer A-126 + A-143-9)
2 Dual VCA (CEM3330)
1 VC Analog delay (Ibanez AD-80)
1 VC Spring reverb
4 4-input mixer
6 4-input attenuators/mixer (half height, sort of like Moog CP3A)
1 PLL, not mounted

CV and Gate Sources and Modifiers:

2 Dual Modulation generator (LF or audio, MS-20 style)
2 VC ADSR (CEM3310)
2 Slope generator (AR/AD envelope/LFO or Gate delay/duration/inverter)
1 6-step Event generator
1 S/H inc. clock generator
1 Arrick Q960 Sequencer
1 Arrick Q962 Sequential switch
1 Dual quantizer (Doepfer A-156)
1 Gate sequencer 4x8 + bar counter (half height)
1 Envelope follower, inc. preamp
1 Dual analog switch
1 Dual voltage processor
1 Triple gate/signal divider
1 Level decoder, not mounted
1 SSL O'Tool oscilloscope etc.
7 CV/Gate bus (half height)
1 Joystick (half height)
3 Power panel (half height)

Each half-size module has a row of multiples."

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