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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grant Richter of Wiard Evenfall Mini Modular

via this auction

"Up for sale is a very rare factory-assembled Evenfall Mini Modular semi-modular synthesizer in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. Item will ship with original power supply. It's in great shape and works perfectly. It is one of the biggest sounding monosynths I've heard, vintage or otherwise. It's incredible and sounds somewhere in-between a Roland and vintage oberheim (sem) oscillator sound, with a very raw, drippy filter like an Arp Odyssey.

This is a really great core of a modular system (think Cwejman S1mkII, for example). You have this as the heart of your synth setup, then add more oscillators and filters into it as needed, going external from the Evenfall and then back in. So you could add a row of eurorack above it, have a fully functional patch on the Evenfall, but use a Mutable Instruments Braids for the oscillator or use a AJH Synth Moog filter for the filter instead.

Condition: Excellent. The top right corner has a tiny bend you can see in the photos. Also, that's not my shitty handwriting on the back, but it was kind of the previous owner to expose that information.

The power supply is brand new and works perfectly.

This synth was designed by Grant Richter of Wiard synthesizers and there were roughly 60 sold, 30 in kit form and 30 assembled. The previous owner told me this is a factory-assembled unit.

Grant wrote this on the old Wiard Yahoo list:

"That is a great little instrument.

It was originally slated to be the Wiard Model 3600, but I decided to pass on it because we could not find knobs to fit the little nubby pot shafts. They are just like TR-808 tuning pots. I feared the lack of knobs would limits sales too much.

Electronic Musician magazine gave it and outstanding review, citing it as one of the best engineered and most musician friendly instruments of its type, in spite of the lack of traditional knobs.... The Mini-Modular is an ARP Odyssey in a more compact package with MIDI and extra features. The filter is a state variable instead of a 4 pole. The whole instrument is built out of 1% metal film resistors for stability and low noise. "

Chris MacDonald was the other part of Evenfall, and he had this to say about the production:
"There are only around 60 Mini Modulars in existence, so they are quite rare. Initially they were sold as kits via the synth-DIY mailing list with around 25-30 sold and then I did one production run of around 30. As I recall, the kit serial numbers start with MMK and the assembled models start with MMA. "

And here's an old marketing blurb I found describing it:
"The Evenfall Mini Modular Synthesizer is a rack mountable semi-modular analog synthesizer featuring the warm, organic sound of real analog circuitry and the flexibility of individual control knobs and a patch cord interface.
The Mini Modular also features internally "pre patched" or "normalized" connections among the modules. These connections make the Mini Modular a capable synthesizer even without inserting patch cords. These internal connections can be overridden by inserting 3.5mm patch cables as desired.
The Mini Modular can be patched to make sound by itself or in conjunction with another voltage-controlled synthesizer. It can also be controlled from a MIDI controller via the built-in MIDI to CV interface which provides pitch, velocity, gate, pitch bend, portamento on/off, and modulation output voltages."


3 Channel MIDI/CV Converter (plus Gate and Portamento On/Off, modeled on the Roland TB-303 glide)
2 Saw/Pulse VCOs
Lowpass/Bandpass VCF
2 VCAs
Dual LFOs
Sample and Hold
ADSR and AR Envelope Generators
Noise Source
Lag Processor (Portamento)
Full modular patch points for every function of the synth, compatible with Eurorack and other 1/8" modular systems
Dual Multiple
Active Attenuator
Power supply included"

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