MATRIXSYNTH: Listener - Novation Circuit 1.4 controlling Korg Poly61M, 0-Coast and the Marvellous Leploop.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Listener - Novation Circuit 1.4 controlling Korg Poly61M, 0-Coast and the Marvellous Leploop.

Published on Nov 1, 2016 -CALC-

"Using the new Drum Pattern Length feature and some of the new sounds included with Novation Components pack.
This is more of an ambient listener rather than a show off performance and gets going after a short build up around 35 seconds in.

The new Pattern Length is a great way to set up evolving polyrhythms. Build them up and just leave em to it, they can go on for ages.
In this track The polyrhythms get tied back in by a regular sliced loop on the Octatrack and Leploop kick and hats (although they're set to irregular lengths too).

All the Synths are sequenced by the Circuit. It really is a magnificent box as just a MIDI sequencer for external stuff but the internal sounds are great too, the new patches with 1.4 sound really mature.

Synth 1 on Circuit is controlling the 0-Coast (Arp on) and Leploop Oscillators while Synth 2 is controlling a Korg Poly 61M off camera using a signature CALC sound.

Strymon Big Skies, Time Line and Deco provide the effects in this live take. Just a stereo mixer master was recorded. No other processing at all.

The tempo is set all the way down to 30BPM clocking from OT and Circuit is playing a 7 pattern musical phrase which is why the phrases feel so long and expansive (feeling like 28 bars).

On this performance I just hit play and then brought bits in and out... fiddling with the 0-Coast on the way. As I say its more of a listener than a spectacle.

Hope you enjoy it.


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