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"A real collectors piece i have never seen another one. A favourite of James Murphy LCD Soundsystem.

The Portakit was Simmons' answer to Roland's Octapad. With 12 ergonomically arranged trigger zones, 7 additional inputs for external pads and one hihat controller it was probably the most advanced multi pad controller at that time.

'A pad to midi controller, the Portakit has 6 drum mic inputs as well as 7 built in dynamic pads. Up to 50 memories are on board, along with a pattern sequencer to memorize pad hits. The sequencer has a memory capacity of up to 10,000 events w/ auto quantize, programmable tempos, and overdub. Up to 12 sequences can be stored. Simmons is utilizing RForce sensing filmS technology to help eliminate crosstalk between pads, and there are ten dynamic curves to suit the players style. also included are inputs for bass drum and hi-hat pedals. The Simmons Portakit offers much more than a convenient way to trigger the sounds of MIDI Drum Machines and Samples in a compact kit format. Add bass drum and Hi-Hat pedals, and you can access a total of 14 playing surfaces in one portable package.

Force sensing film technology combined with a high-bounce rubber playing surface means no cross-talk between Pads and ensures a lively stick response. You can even choose a Dynamic Curve for each pad to suit your playing style. MIDI effects such as Pitch Bend, After Touch and Control Changes can also be generated by the Pads. The amount of the effect produced is proportional to the pressure you exert.

50 kit memories allow you to store MIDI notes, durations, dynamic curves and MIDI channels for each of the 14 pads. In addition, you can store Program Changes, a MIDI effect and Tempo for the kit.

Kits are recalled at the touch of a button, or external footswitch. For live use, you can pre-program the kits you want to use in one of 20 song memories and combine these with MIDI Start, Stop and Continue Commands along with MIDI Song Selects to reconfigure your entire MIDI set-up in seconds. An on-board polyphonic sequencer lets you record and overdub complex rhythm tracks. 12 sequences can be recorded.

The Simmons Portakit will read and generate MIDI clocks to sync to anything else. Six external inputs, coupled with Simmons unique LEARN facility enable you to cleanly trigger MIDI devices from Simmons pads, tape signals or even acoustic drum microphones.

This Portakit Pad-to-Midi Controller is in very good condition, fully functional, and includes a photocopy of the operation manual. The pad surfaces are in excellent condition, with excellent bounce and no cracking / drying out.

this ia big and heavy thing so postage reflects that, it will be sent bubblewrapped and reinforced and with full insurance/ tracking only.'"

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