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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vintage Oberheim DS-2 Digital Sequencer S/N 004 - Museum Piece

via this auction

"This was the first product produced by Oberheim. This particular unit was among the first batch made. This it truly a collector's item.

Fully tested using a Kenton Pro Solo MkII to provide Gate and CV while driving a Dotcom Modular Synthesizer. Requires a minimum Gate voltage of about 8V.

All sequencer functions were tested and proved to be working as designed. A photo copy of the DS-2 user manual will be included.

Please note that the sequencer provides a Trigger output and does not sustain the notes. The amount of sustain is controlled by the sequenced synthesizer's envelope generators using the decay and release controls. This sequencer records Keyboard CV voltages and the time between Triggers. During playback the sequence rate can be modified with the clock rate control and the pitch can be modified with three selectable transpose controls. This is a hands on type musical tool and is a lot of fun to use.

Cosmetic condition is extremely good. All control pots, switches, push buttons, push button lights and indicator lights are working. The gas discharge display is working and in fantastic condition.

It is very rare to find one without broken switches and buttons. This is a rare collectible piece of electronic music history."

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  1. Actually not the first. Tom O made ring modulators and other effects devices under the Maestro (Gibson) name.
    There was always an attached plate that said "Made by Oberheim Electronics."



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