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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Waldorf Q+ Analog Filter Demo (Raw Sound)

Published on Jun 27, 2016 Amazing Synth

"This is a short recording I made when I used to own this synth, a simple arpeggio with a bit of tweaking.

Only analog filters are employed, I can't recall whether those were 12 or 24 dB, usually I preferred the 12 dB.

Dry sound, no FX whatsoever, either internal or external.

However, it is rather specific, maybe a little too sweet and dizzy.

This may be partly caused by A/D-D/A conversion in the Analog Filter Module.

But it feels like a kind of psycho-acoustic expander or enhancer is in place which makes almost anything sound pleasing to our ears.

(Waldorf Pulse being one of the worst examples probably).

This is not necessarily good for our brains though as we have little control over it.

The perception of things in general gets altered and it's even harder to figure out which is which.

There is something morbid about Q+. The calming effect it has closer resembles paralyses than tranquillity.

But this is true for most modern synthesizers. And their owners too.

Now, that I don't have it anymore my mind is clearer. One can't stay sober while drinking.

Q+ is somewhat of a Pandora's box and can be rather intimidating.

I spent a lot of time listening to my recordings of the Q+ trying to understand whether the synth only seems to sound good or actually does.

And most of the time it did not. Virtual analog concept is outdated, that plasticity is toxic and annoying, especially for the money.

But this is the case with all digital emulations. Fortunately, Q+ is not just another VA.

The analog filters alone cannot change its character but they are pretty smooth, 16-part multitimbral (when they work properly) and obviously nice to have.

The major drawback is AD/DA of AFM (besides DA of the main audio out) but this is how we get multitimbrality.

The Qs' factory patches are very well programmed. But they sound awful. 97% of them to be fair.

However, there is a certain range of sounds where Q+ really excels and I'm yet to find an adequate replacement.

Sadly, I fell in despair and sold mine under unfavorable circumstances to the people I had been trying to avoid by any means.

I failed to find the right balance in my life, there were too many cons, too much confusion and cognitive dissonance.

And I am hardly unique. It's all too easy to get emotional and upset.

This thing is more likely to shape you rather than the other way around.

Waldorf Q+ is a fancy synth but I cannot recommend buying it even cheap unless you own your home or apartment, have stable income and no debts.

It's like getting used to things one cannot generally afford.

Q+ requires a lot of time, patience, knowledge and money too, poverty is a bad companion here.

Former Q experience is strictly preferred.

Otherwise, you may end up selling it which can leave you heartbroken as it's highly addictive but can be lovable too if programmed right."

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