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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Advance Instruments H1E LF Valve Oscillator SN 1527

Published on Nov 25, 2016 orangecoals

"1st part -- just pure tones of unit - straight into soundcard

2nd part - straight into soundcard - through filter plugin and delay plugin

3rd part - are 3 overdubs -- using 2 overdubbed sounds to make a chord and the third playing with the pitch through small stone phaser guitar pedal and some spring reverb."

via this auction

"Start your own radiophonic workshop

imagine you're in cluster or harmonia - silver apples - or even Kraftwerk.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the fat tones of oscillation created by valves -- a truly lovely piece of vintage audio test equipment -- of a type similar to used by all the aforementioned classic early electronic bands.

Valve oscillators were the very beginnings of electronic music - either used alone or as part of a modular system, played through a filter or put through spring reverbs, guitar pedals -or used as part of a ring modulator- the choice is only limited by your imagination.

Fabulous condition -- obviously there is the odd mark here and there from use for a piece of lab equipment dating from late 60's early 70's. Please have a good look at the pics for the conditon - it's not far from 50 years old! there are a couple of stickers left on it from the lab/ a bit of writing and and some glue marks from old stickers -- I left these on ans I think they add to the vintage vibe - I'm sure it could be cleaned up and look almost good as new - if so desired.

Audio comes out of the front at line level ---where it says output -- you will need to either make up or buy a BNC test lead to audio.

Seems to work as it should - no idea if it needs calibration - and I've no idea if the tones it emits are infact accurate to the dial readings - I do know that it goes very very deep and very very high -- beyond human hearing at both extremes -- watch your speakers.

Has a rather nifty attatched stand which props it up ---as you can see in photos --- can be used with stand up or down.

It produces very fat square waves - or beautiful pure sine waves.

Also be very careful with vintage valve gear -- they operate at v high voltage ---deadly voltage so don't fiddle around inside it when it is switched on (or off ---valve gear holds its charge) . This should only be done by a trained tech.

Its been PAT tested in the last couple of years.

Highly rated top quality vintage Brimar valves inside --- Advance Instruments are very well regarded. The dial on this is beautifully engineered and has a fantastic feel to it --- makes it possible to paly the sine waves with nice smooth pitch bends -- very theremin like."

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