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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Intelijel Metropolis and Atlantis live setup

Published on Jan 28, 2017 Ziad Sarrouh

"This is a quick jam I made to test the Metropolis and the Atlantis in a live performance situation. The setup would consist of these two modules in addition to an Aira Demora for delay and Arturia Drumbrute.
The Metropolis is receiving its clock input from the Drumbrute's metronome out and sending CV and Gate to the Atlantis. The audio is then routed through the Demora's USB port into the Aira MX-1.
The Metropolis is really great for live use, and has a few tricks I found very handy. For example, it can receive two modulation signals to affect a wide choice of parameters through it's aux A and B. I like to send a sine wave to control the octave of the pattern and a square wave for the numbers of steps and use these when I want to create variations.
The Atlantis is also extremely handy for live use. The fact that it is mostly self contained is also very practical since most of the usual patching is already made internally, allowing me to focus on live tweaking.
All in all, this is a setup I can safely take to the road with me, fits in one 104HP case and is extremely portable.
I'll make another video featuring all the elements and how I integrate them in my workflow."

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