Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tips for NAMM Posts on MATRIXSYNTH

It's that time of year again! As always things get a bit hectic here on MATRIXSYNTH.

The following are some tips to keep track of your favorite gear.

1. Everything NAMM for 2017 will be labeled NAMM2017 at the bottom of each NAMM post. You can find the label on the right of the site under the "Check Out:" section as well. Clicking on the label will bring up all NAMM posts sorted by newest post on top.

2. To find all posts for a featured item, click on the company or brand label for the item at the bottom of the post, and previous posts will come up, again sorted by newest on top. Note non NAMM posts might be mixed in, so just scroll down to get to what you want. Creating a NAMM label for each brand to remedy this would be overkill. the train does not stop for NAMM, NAMM just gets thrown into the mix.

3. The New Gear in 2017 label applies to both NAMM and non NAMM new gear announcements, so be sure to keep an eye on that label as well if you are interested in new gear. In most cases, only the first post for the new item will come up, so you need not worry about weeding through multiple posts for the same item. Remember, you can always drill down by the manufacturer label for follow-up posts. You can find the New Gear label on the top right, under the "Check Out:" section, throughout the year.

4. Remember to click on the "Older Posts" link on the bottom of each page on the site for more.

5. Have fun!

NAMM is a crazy time of year on the site.

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