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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wavestudios ARP 2500 Vintage Modular Synthesizer SN 70 035 For Sale

via this auction

Holy cow, prices have gone up. Click through to see for yourself. I remember when these went from only $35,000 to $100,000. ;)

Update: this same one was listed back in Dec 2014. You'll find additional pics there. Regarding my comment on price, that was in jest. Price doesn't really apply when it comes to a system as rare as this.

Listing details: "Here is a rare chance to get my beloved Arp 2500. This one is a thing of beauty. It has the original wooden cabinet. In superb condition. It has never left my smoke free studio.

It works fine but some modules might need calibration.

I hardly use it now and I want it to go to someone who’s going to make great sounds with it and care for it as well.

It does come with the original owner's manual. I will add a picture of it as well.

What you see in the pictures is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less.

Upon end of auction and payment, this one will be put into a crate for proper shipping. Shipping is to be calculated at the end of the auction, as this one is big and heavy.

'In 1969 ARP Instruments was formed by Alan R. Pearlman, an electronics engineer inspired by what the Moog synthesizer was doing, particularly after hearing the now famous Wendy Carlos album, “Switched on Bach”. In 1970, ARP introduced its first modular synthesizer, the model 2500. As with almost everything ARP did during its existence, the 2500 was designed in direct competition with the Moog synthesizers that were garnering most of the attention at the time.
The 2500 is a technologically advanced synthesizer following the traditional modular format. There are 15 modules covering all the bases: VCOs, filters, envelope generators, modulators, sample and hold circuits, even a sequencer. The Studio wood cabinet had space for 15 modules, and smaller 8-space Wing cabinets allowed for expanded or portable systems. Like all modular systems of the day, buyers got to custom order their system with any combination of modules, cabinets and keyboard options. This means that existing 2500 systems today could come in any number of possible configurations, from compact portable systems to over-blown multi-cabinet multi-keyboard behemoths.

Unlike other modular synthesizers, the 2500 does not use patch cables to route the signal between its modules. It uses a unique 10x10 matrix switch system to accomplish signal routings. Modules are located in the center row of the cabinet, with the matrix switches located above and below the modules. Module inputs and outputs are represented by vertical switches, and the horizontal busses represent a patch cord. Color-coded pins are positioned horizontally along the matrix to make connections. This matrix system allows for a very flexible and customized signal flow without the mess of patch cables. The only downsides are the potential for crosstalk between the busses, and it may seem less obvious at a glance just exactly what is being patched into what than with traditional patch systems.

The 2500's modules themselves are also a bit overwhelming. The 2500 allows you to create plenty of excellent sounds with its great filters and many other excellent circuits and parameters. However, it is clear that these modules were designed by an engineer and not a musician. The modules are covered in electronic diagrams and offer a ton of controls. The high learning curve the 2500 presents made it a popular addition to the music departments of universities. But it was the easier to navigate ARP 2600 that would provide a much more musician-friendly experience and would prove to become ARP's most popular synthesizer.

Nevertheless, a 2500 is a prized piece of kit for any studio. The 2500s are known to have superior oscillators to the Moog, offering reliable and stable tuning that does not drift. These may not be for the faint of heart, but the results of creating your own sounds on them will be very rewarding. Since only about 100 were sold (give or take), they are also very rare.'"

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  1. Still,prices hasn't gone up,they simply are not selling,like the unit used on the movie 'Close Encounters From The Third Kind'.

    And that example had no missing modules or ugly added knobs on each vco module like this same overrated piece!



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