MATRIXSYNTH: BugBrand AudioWeevil 07 - Ring Mod / Filter / Distortion w/ Touch Controls

Saturday, February 25, 2017

BugBrand AudioWeevil 07 - Ring Mod / Filter / Distortion w/ Touch Controls

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"Super rare, "hardly ANY 07s made!" according to Tom Bugs. The sonic character of this is actually quite different from all of the other BugBrand board weevil designs.

Crazy sounds to say the least, and a huge range. Juicy filter, circuit-bent ring mod. Use built in oscillators, process the audio-in signal through the LFO-modulated filter alone, or turn it into a square wave and introduce this into the "weevil" section. Touchplates and voltage starve control to change the modulation in chaotic ways. Has a built-in speaker or 1/4" out. Everything working. Note that the case has a small crack in one corner... was like this when I bought it and it's stable, just wanted to mention it.

As described by its maker...":

"The heart of a Weevil is the two lofi squarewave Oscs that get quasi-ringmodded together for crash'n'scream sounds. What we do with the AudioWeevil version is to take an input audio signal and turn it into a squarewave that can then replace one of the internal Weevil Oscs - so your squared input gets ringmodded with one of the internal Oscs for supremely gnarly ringmod and tremolo effects. The effect works best with monophonic sounds - guitar picking or keyboards - the sounds are extreme!

This new version ups the stakes by building in a mixer stage which allows blending of the Dry audio, Squared Audio (a very overdriven version of the dry input) and Ringmod (Weevil) output before it is passed through a powerful resonant LowPass filter. And now there's also a modulation LFO to sweep internal Osc1 and the filter cutoff. This LFO has two speed ranges (right up into audio rates which work great for filter modulation) and three waveforms - ramp, tri and sawtooth. The LFO is one of the nicest features of these new Weevils!

Another fun feature is the internal mini-amp/speaker. This allows you to make noise on the move and the sound is pretty different to what you get from the line-out, so there's possibilities for nice creative recording experiments. And it can chuck out quite a hefty sound - though, be aware that it can chomp through batteries pretty quickly when the amp is driven hard.

The touchplate is another area of great sonic-bend-potential and the engraved and tinned board features 11 touchpoints connecting to the audio input (1), Oscs (5), LFO (3) and filter (2).

Check the Frontpanel and Block diagrams to the left to get more of an idea what may be going on...

In essence, the AudioWeevil07 is capable of going from pure & clean (eg. audio input filtering with lfo modulation) to hyper-screech (eg. many other settings!). It comes in a slope-fronted plastic case with metal frontplate."

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