MATRIXSYNTH: Conexão Moxf, DX7-II e Iphone app Animoog

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Conexão Moxf, DX7-II e Iphone app Animoog

Published on Feb 16, 2017 Henrique Matos

Spotted this one on discchord. See if you can recognize the theme - click through for the answer.

Googlish translation of the video description from Spanish:

"This is a demonstration of a connection possibility using MOXF with Iphone or iPad using Synths Apps together with a second controller / synth

For this The idea here is to use an App on the Ipad / Iphone that will be controlled by a controller (in this case I used the "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" cable). DX7ii). And also allow the app to use the MOXF audio interface (this does not work with the MOX)

How the connection is made.
1-Connect the MIDI OUT of the DX7ii (or other controller) on the MOXF MIDI IN
2-Connect the Iphone / Ipad to the USB to HOST port of the MOXF using the "Lightning USB to Camera Adapter" cable
3-Increase the volume on the "Daw Level" Slide in the MOXF
4-Configure the app to use the "Yamaha-MOXF-3" port. Attention: it is 3. (since it will only route to USB what comes from the MOXF MIDI IN port). This is the secret.

Also check which midi channel your controller is sending and which midi channel your app is configured to receive midi, some can be set to Omni (all midi channels). Oh, and do not confuse midi channel with midi port, okay?"

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