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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Modular Jams by e-pleasure

Published on Feb 19, 2017 e-pleasure

This one in via Florian Anwander.

Playlist with descriptions:

1. Modularjam 1

"My first Video of a simple sunday evening patch I played and recorded for myself. I use this for the documentation of my modular patch experiments.

The Drone: Is a Braids with the VOWL model, going thru the RT451 stereo multimode filter, one with HP the other with LP. They go to two channels of the 4ms VCA Matrix. The VCA Matrix is triggered from the Vermona Fourmulator, each LFO 90° shifted, so I get a quadrophonic effect in my studio with 4 speakers around my head.

Kickdrum: I used the Synthrotek ds-m, a wasp from doepfer, a channel from the HexVCA and a envelope from Intellijel. Triggered directly from the ALM Pamela's Workout.

The rhythmic plingplong: Is coming from the OSC-03 form MFB, triggered by the doepfer sequencer, the trigger is multiplied according to the voltage delivered to the A160-5 ratcheting controller.

The snare: Is a noise, going only thru the doepfer VCA in exponentional mode, controlled by an envelope, and then thru a Roland Demora stereo delay.

Bass by MFB Dominion1
Lead by Moog Sub37"

2. Modularjam 2

"Another Jam with my modular Synth and the RT Spectralis as sequencer. There are 3 sequences coming out of the Spectralis, transmitted from the YARNS to 3 CV and gate signals.

Main melodic sequence is transposed by another one going to the MFB Dominion 1. This is a standard patch i make, so i could also transpose it manually.

First Voice is produced by a BRAIDS and a Dixie Oscillator, unfiltered but i added a looping delay from the clouds. The chord type sound is made by the MFB triple osc and filtered by the RT-451 Dual multimode filter and going to the tape delay in the Disting MK3."

3. Modularjam 3

"A little jam I made yesterday on my modular together with the Dominion 1 from MFB and the Sub37 from Moog."

4. Modularjam 4

"After some months my modular has grown a little and I recorded a new jam this week. The melody line I mix directly in the modular with the new and fantastic WMD performance mixer. First time I uploaded the video and listened on my headphones, the nervous 100%left-100%right paning of the MI Elements tone made me crazy. So I remixed it a little by taking the Ozone Imager.

A jam, recorded in one take, so excuse my bad piano playing :-)
kick: Bastl Tea Kick (added some compression in DAW)
snare: Synthrotek DS-M
percussion: Mutable Instruments Shelves (put some noise in it)
FX: Doepfer OSC + Dixie osc thru a MakeNoise Mod Demix
1st seq line: Braids VOWL osc
2nd seq line: 4Vox thru Radikal Technologies filter
bass line: MFB OSC-3 thru a MFB 24dB VCF
metallic quasi random seq line: MI Elements + 4Vox thru Elements
synth-string-pad: Prophet08 with mod-sequence
piano: Kurzweil 842 pro piano
2 sequencer-lines: ER-101, both transposed by Kurzweil over MIDI and MI Yarns to the input of ER-102 in the 2nd part of the track
quasi-random seq line: Doepfer A-155+A-154 modulated by an lfo
VCA's: Hex VCA from Intellijel, microVCA form Intellijel
all melody lines mixed by WMD Performance Mixer
FX1: Ping-Pong Delay from ES-Disting Mk3
FX2: Clouds Oliverb
some little valhalla verbs added in DAW but not to much"

5. Modularjam5

"A little Jam on my modular synthesizer. I tried to show the connections between modules in this Video, but I think it's really hard to see in the spaghetti world :-)"

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