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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Arp 2600 Synthesizer w/ Keyboard

via this auction

"Synthesizer - Arp 2600 ser#261437
Keyboard -3604p #361411

I have been in possession of this synthesizer for 17 years, and during that time has been well cared for. It worked very well for most of the time that I have had it, but in recent years a few things started to go, so I decided to get it back to perfect playing status.

I took it in for a full diagnostic and refurbishing using a local Detroit area synthesizer guru, the great J Beste. J has worked for the likes of Hans Zimmer during his time in California, in music and film, and is currently working independently and with the likes of Jack White’s 3rd Man records in Detroit, among others. His work is impeccable and I highly recommend the talent of such a detailed and knowledgeable specialist. He spent over 6 months meticulously refurbishing this unit to the best of his abilities, including:

-The disassembling, cleaning and lubing of all of the sliders. Full restoration.

-VCO1, VCO2, and VCO3 have been thoroughly diagnosed or rebuilt, and are all working perfectly.

-The power supply has been recapped, to avoid a common power failure that is indicative of this unit, eliminating future power problems.

-The keyboard bushings have been cleaned and lubed, and a few have been replaced.

-The oscillator chip has been rebuilt.

-The synth has been fully calibrated and tuned.

-All hole plugs are in place.

-Unit comes with original power supply cord, and original keyboard connection cord.

-Arp 2600 includes a bag of original patch cords, a patch manual, and operator manual.

-The unit’s original handle has been replaced, as have a few of the hole plugs, a few key bushings, one slider knob, but aside from that everything else is original.

-All jacks have been reviewed and in some cases repositioned or replaced.

Details to be aware of:

The arp’s Tolex, in some places, is naturally worn. Half of the keyboard’s tolex is missing on the half of the keyboard case--luckily the half that is removed when uncased. I have struggled not to replace the Tolex, but in the end I opted not to, as it is relatively inexpensive to have someone else do for you, and some purists might turn away from it for this reason.

One knob on the keyboard panel is missing."

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