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Friday, March 03, 2017

Elektor Formant Vintage Modular Synthesizer w/ Doepfer Modules from 1978

via this auction

This one spotted by Florian Anwander. The Doepfer modules are the String Phaser, String LFO, Frequency-Divider, and External Input pictured below. The docs under the formant manual below are for the Doepfer modules. Interesting bit of synth history.

From the listing, translated into Googlish:

"Main Unit:

Includes the base modules plus 2 additional format modules and the power supply

3 modules, each with waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, spaced sawtooth, rectangle)
The voices can be adapted via frequency modulation and pulse width modulation. With a feeling, so you can play 3-sounds despite the monophonic concept

Envelope-controlled filter with 12 dB high, 6 dB band and 12 dB low pass

24db VCF
Second filter module, which can better modulate the wind sound for greater sound color dynamics with the steeper 24 dB filter

3-fold resonance filter module for adding resonances to simulate acoustic instruments

Triple LFO
For modulating the various filters with different waveforms. When driving e.g. Of the FM inputs of the VCO creates a vibrato

Noise module with 3 different noise modes

2 envelope modules for controlling VCF and VCA with control of all 4 parameters (attack, decay, sustain and release)

Envelope-controlled volume filter

Control and preamplifier

Extension Box (Doepfer)

Also an absolute rarity. Here are 4 modules, which Doepfer designed at the beginning of his career for the FORMANT and offered with his first company as kits:

3-way phaser module, sold as "String Phaser".
Strings with an analog synth of the 70s was difficult and also this string phaser does not come there, so do not expect too much, are not real strings, but still good effects.

String LFO
For controlling the VCP with 120/240 ° phase-shifted shafts

Frequency Divider
So you get super fat analogs

External Input
To play the formant rather than the keyboard with e.g. A guitar.
Creates a corresponding gate and envelope for the FORMAT modules"

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