MATRIXSYNTH: Eventide space - Blackhole + Yamaha Reface CP

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Eventide space - Blackhole + Yamaha Reface CP

Published on Mar 11, 2017 ollilaboratories

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Woah ! its 2017 and this is my first video out :)

Today I was really lucky finding the eventide space for a really good price so I took it with me home.. I decided to just hook it up and try the blackhole algorithm that everyone is talking about, and i really understand what ppl mean now.. yikes its so dark and lush and deep and, well.. listen for yourselves. :) Playing a very simple tune, just jamming around.. the reface CP Rd-1 sound with some proper amount of internal drive and tremolo FX, plus later in the track you also hear the Yamaha CP80 sound.

GEAR: Yamaha reface CP, through the red panda particle (w slight reverse delay) into the eventide space, blackhole.. i start out a bit lower (basically preset settings) then crank it up to max gravity and decay. The bass that you hear is me stepping on the ditto looper on the floor.. which had this C minor reverse loop from the 0 coast stored.. so i though, yeah.. why not, lets use that too for some added depth to the melody.

Thats all folks.. hope you like it !"

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